Nunavik police seized $51,000 worth of contraband alcohol on July 28 and 29 in Inukjuak, according to a news release. (Photo courtesy of Nunavik Police Service)

Nunavik police seize $51,000 in contraband alcohol in Inukjuak

Five people were arrested under village bylaws, issued tickets

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavik Police Service says officers seized 14 parcels containing 125 bottles of contraband alcohol in Inukjuak last week worth an estimated $51,000.

The seizures, which included bottles of vodka of various sizes with an alcohol concentration of 40 per cent, took place July 28 and 29, according to a news release from the service.

In total, police say they seized 67 bottles of 1.75 litres, 34 bottles of 750 ml, and 24 bottles of 375 ml.

Five people were arrested and ticketed. Police did not release their names.

“In this case, the seizures were made under Inukjuak’s municipal bylaws, and infraction tickets were also issued under the same bylaw,” said Deputy Chief Shaun Longstreet.

Police are asking anyone with information about bootlegging or drug trafficking to phone 819-964-2095, ext. 2504 or email to submit tips. They can be submitted anonymously, and people are not required to testify in court.


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  1. Posted by Al Capone on

    thats a lot of booze

  2. Posted by Noname, just like the food products on

    First of all what’s the ideology of no names? Secondly: just think about the kids that will have food. Less sexual abuse. Less assaults. Less jealously idiots. Less court cases and less jail birds. A break for doctors, nurses front line workers. Less abstinent workers. Better services and co workers not taking up the slack. Safer roads to drive and walk. This may not seem much in a real sense with people that are used to being around booze in a sensible way, but for the savage consumption in Nunavik, this has a significant consequence that are good for the heart , the soul and the psychological well being. Thanks to the great work of our not always appreciated police. Now join me in saying a big thank you, thank you, we want this to continue. And for those that may have help police by telling , great, you are doing well for your community.

  3. Posted by Meetiguy on

    $55,000 street value or retail value? Go after the people that are shipping these from Montreal, they get rich from innocent people from the North. You busy one, they will recruit 3 more

    • Posted by NUNAVIMIUK on

      How much does a mickey go for in that town ?

      • Posted by Gen on

        I’ve been told around 125-150$ That’s a lot of $

        • Posted by Imagine on

          Imagine paying that for a Mickey? Desperate or what? It’s no wonder people got nothing. And the ones that got it all, maybe they have the little money of the ones that have a little Mickey, looking out the cell window. The little money, that those desperate enough to buy a Mickey at that price , are mostly the edge living people of society. They don’t have a bank acc, a debit card or credit card, they have no phone , iPad , computer. No car or truck, no skidoo. Don’t hunt. Work, no way. They survive with a pathetic life. They walk or stagger around to buy mickeys with elders money. They are the ones the DYP are busy with with kids. And the kids will grow up damaged.

    • Posted by Innocent people from the north on

      The devil made them do it. Going after people who send it from Montreal again. Yes that’s a good idea. Why not go after the people who drink and cause misery to their families, blaming it on the people from Montreal? And you get those that shout that prohibition doesn’t work either, but that’s in a normal drinking society, prohibition does a wonderful justice to Nunavik victims of violence, don’t you think, me do. Food too from Montreal can make you fat, not the supplier fault.

      • Posted by Who’s problem? on

        You can go after the suppliers as much as you can stop one, then another pops up or same one finds a way to keep the business going. But the comment refers to tackling the need for demand. The supply needs a customer. Addressing the problem at the community level is what’s needed. Addressing the issues that are motivating people to have such a demand for the booze, thereby making the supply become useless. I don’t think it’s hard to figure out that the supplier are never going to stop, if the people in Nunavik are continuing a path of self destruction by not dealing with issues within. It’s encouraging to see that the supplier are being caught, but as we succeed in that area , we must be as vigilant in our own promotion of health and well being. This is not just a cop and bad guy situation, this is also more more about a good life.

        • Posted by captainObvious on

          i ve meet hundres of local people from and born in nunavik that move to montreal or anywhere south and just start sending contraband notyh to their nunavik family and friends to make money and even in one case to help pay their house morgage,,so dont be to quick to blame white people,please,thank you and respect

    • Posted by Concerned on

      It s unbelievable , the amount of alcohol consumed in nunavik.

      • Posted by Cultural on

        For a society that’s usually very negative on the south, Nunavik is an interesting place when it comes to booze. The dependence on the south for that booze supply is like the key to survival for so many Nunavik residents. The need to have booze is bigger than life itself. The culture, the traditional ways, the parenting, the health and well being is all put aside for the need of the drink. It’s lives in the selfishness of so many people. Discipline, character, and inhabiting behaviour is overpowered by the booze.

  4. Posted by Kids suffer most on

    Kids are paying the biggest price for the horrible issues related to alcohol consumption in Nunavik. They are seeing and being part of the upmost unhealthy environment. All this busting by police reflects the issue, as alcohol is illegal in a sense , for a damm good reason in Nunavik, like not sold like in more sensible places. I was looking at a social media site with arpik Jam schedule for the community of kuujjuaq, and not one activity for the kids. It’s all about the adults and it will surely be accompanied by alcohol. Dart tournament, golf etc. All for adults, nothing for kids. No wonder children in kuujjuaq are reported to be in a vandalism crisis mode. It’s the same with most Nunavik communities, nothing for the kids. People are wasting their lives and making their families miserable.

    • Posted by Inuk from Nunavik on

      Don t forget BINGO , BINGO, BINGO.

      • Posted by Yes bingo on

        Yes, bingo, got bingo on the brains even for people that don’t play, it’s so much bingo. It’s a wonder they don’t have an educational game of bingo for the kids, or guess what I’m looking at now, three times.

  5. Posted by health harzard on

    drinking that much for a extending period is also bad. People get liver damage. Even bleeding kidneys for going way too far. Think about that also.

    • Posted by Nunavutmiuta on

      Substance abuse is a big thing all across the north, mind you we Inuit were colonized, forced into schools, abused in day school. We grew up being told how stupid and dumb we First Nations are and it was in the hands of a dominant society, who have only control in there mind, sorry to say but it is the cold hard truth. We do not have any treatment center here. We have to be sober for certain amount of time to get into a treatment center down south, Let me tell you, if I can be sober for that much time I would not need the treatment center, Catch 22 for us first nations.

  6. Posted by A documentary on

    It’s unbelievable how far Nunavik is behind the rest of society around. You can pretty much go anywhere today in most places and buy a beer, a glass of wine, nice cold cocktails. Then you see this unbelievable story about little mickeys being smuggled into Nunavik, in incredible prices, and intervening by police as to not cause devastation among the population. It’s really material for a documentary about reality, yes reality TV. Is there something going on that is being denied about alcohol and the north. Are people too politically correct to admit and deal with? Believing that things will some day be ok with alcohol, is in the mean time caused of death and serious injury. Big price in itself. Something is missed big time here.

    • Posted by Going lunie on

      People won’t really admit that they can’t handle it, become violently lunatic. Thinking that the lunatic you see today will be ok next week with a new supply of booze is not thinking. It’s lunatic thinking.

  7. Posted by the whisperer on

    out of the contraband that was confiscated, we heard that the Nunavik police and the social services had a very big party. i guess it didnt all go to the evidence room. need to be looked at too.

  8. Posted by Inukjuakmiuq on

    Our community has been very quiet for the past week, Thank you NPS

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