Nunavik police seize $7K in bootlegged alcohol, cash

Five in Kuujjuaq face fines

Nunavik police seized more than $7,000 in bootlegged alcohol and cash last week in Kuujjuaq. (Photo courtesy of the KRPF)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Kativik Regional Police Force and the Sûreté du Québec teamed up to seize more than $7,000 worth of bootlegged alcohol and cash in Nunavik last week.

The KRPF said in a news release that they received a number of tips from the public alleging bootlegging in Kuujjuaq, which allowed the police to execute two search warrants in the Nunavik community last Thursday, Sept. 24.

Along with the SQ, the KRPF seized 39 bottles of liquor, 156 cans of beer and about $5,000 in cash.

The KRPF said five people each face $1,200 in fines for breaking Quebec’s liquor laws.

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(7) Comments:

  1. Posted by Boozer on

    Good job boys, but by now someone will pick up the slack.

  2. Posted by Great Job on

    Great job to the KRPF, it’s nice to see the 3 different ways to fan out and display money, it’s an improvement on the old photos where you would wear bullet proof vests while standing behind whatever small amounts you seized!

    • Posted by Pablo Escobar on

      I miss the pictures of the big bags of pot .

      • Posted by Great Job on

        It was always fun to see a bunch of stone faced police in bullet proof vests standing behind a ragged looking half ounce and $300 placed on a flag draped ceremoniously across the table, as if it was an impressive and harrowing bust. I miss that era of KRPF photo-ops, it was comedy gold.

        • Posted by Monty Python on

          Comedy Hour

  3. Posted by Get the drugs on

    Good but not good enough until the drug dealers are nabbed and jailed. It’s the drug dealers. Many behaviours we’re seeing today are from the pills and hard drugs. That’s the sore that needs attention. Yes, get as much alcohol out of our community, legal or illegal, it’s all bad. Too many people can’t handle it well. Those that can handle it, don’t even need the co-op store , we are able to get it legal, and always had it that way. I’m betting my can of beer on the notion that many of our suicides are linked to the hard drugs also. Like a newer kind of push over the edge for those that go near the edge of life in the first place with their issues. So, get the drug dealers. Calling on the public to give more tips to the police, probably save lives.

  4. Posted by Mr. Big on

    Like any kind of thing, some get caught others never do.

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