Nunavik police seize $90K worth of pot, hash

KRPF, SQ arrest suspect in Inukjuak July 31

The KRPF displays the hash, marijuana and cash its officers seized in Inukjuak on Wednesday, July 31. (Photo courtesy of KRPF)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavik police say they’ve seized more than $90,000 worth of cannabis and hash from a home in Inukjuak.

The Kativik Regional Police Force and Sûreté du Québec executed a search warrant on Wednesday, July 31, at a home in the Hudson coast community of 1,800.

That’s where they seized 1,800 grams of marijuana, 300 grams of hashish and more than $5,000 in cash, said a KRPF news release.

Police estimate the street value of the seized drugs at $92,460.

Police arrested a male suspect, who has been charged with drug possession, trafficking and selling an illegal substance to a minor.

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(26) Comments:

  1. Posted by Mike on

    Only in Nunavut. In the rest of Canada there is no limit how much weed you have at home. Perhaps Nunavut should have the same laws that apply to the rest of Canadians.

    • Posted by Mavis F. on

      Inukjuak is in Nunavik, not Nunavut.

    • Posted by Quebec on

      Its in quebec.

      • Posted by :D Quebec :D Read again, it’s in Nunavik! on

        They are more likely southerners Police not Inuit Police, supposed to own by Inuit Policing Nunavik!

        Run by southerners, KRG is weak, Kativik Regional Police Force, it is Inuit owned Police, yet southerners are more likely running the show, there are barely any Inuit Officers, since SQ left!

    • Posted by Kanuwhipit on

      Mike, this is in Nunavik, northern Quebec which is not Nunavut. What they seized is illegal kind – black market weed not the government sanctioned weed which is legal.

    • Posted by Nunavik on

      Its not unlimited in Canada. 30 grams per person.

    • Posted by Jill on

      I live in Kingston Ontario. Kingston is about a 40 min drive to Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. There are 40 ‘illegal’ dispensaries on the Territory. The police have never interfered to date, or at least since it became legal and much before. It has been a great help to the Communities.

    • Posted by Joe Blo on

      Mike, (and everyone else) you should read the Canabis Act thoroughly before making quick comments.

  2. Posted by unknown on

    you guys should arrest botleggers too

    • Posted by nobody on

      yes they should arrest bootleggers too 100%

  3. Posted by INUK on

    I thought, pictures like this , were a thing of the past , with legalization

    • Posted by Krazy KRPF on

      The KRPF live for things like this… if they couldn’t post photos of their tiny seizures while pretending the street value is 100x more than what they seized, there’d be nothing for the KRPF to do… except get cleared for brutality allegations against Inuit.

  4. Posted by Ray on

    Pot is now legal, maybe he should have got a licence to distribute. this would not have been news, just retail.

    • Posted by Nunavik on

      Yet, our Elder’s highest concerns is; their only monthly allowance are often taken away from their children/grandchildren for buying toxic substances! When they are hard working trying to survive from food needs, monthly rent and other bills to pay, living in poverty because of their drug addicts kids!

      I’ve seen many kids just living in streets without or skipping their daily meals, many are hungry because of their drug addict siblings, parents etc.

      Drug traffickers should just start feeding starving kids on streets or even better the alcoholics!

  5. Posted by VIK VUT on

    Not only in Nunavut. Also in Nunavik.
    Yes, bootleggers cause the same money drain and poverty.

  6. Posted by Unknown on

    I also agree with #2 because they cause more problems and to public and as well as families, leaders, do something about bootleggers.

  7. Posted by Inuk the hunter on

    Way to go cops.They just did the right thing.

  8. Posted by Bravo on

    Bravo for the police. The legalization of marijuana didn’t make much different in our land of have nots. The north don’t seem to be capable of taking part in anything good. The characteristics of the people draws out the worst of everything. Whether it’s the legal drug, a nice good beer, a glass of wine, or a good rum and coke. Too many unhealthy characters here to have anything real good in society. Even the high price of food, and housing, has it origins in the unhealthy characteristics. It’s home grown trouble brewing forever.

  9. Posted by Consumer on

    1800 grams of weed / cut at 1.4g since legalization= 1285 x 40$=51420$
    300×40= 12,000$

    Plus 5,000 in cash

    68,420 is the proper estimate.

    No one sells hash for 50$ these days since legalization. No one sells weed at 1.0 since legalization. They need an update on it.

    • Posted by INUK on

      But this look good

  10. Posted by Itigaituk on

    1800x 2.50$ = 4,500$ Grass
    300 x 15$ = 4,500$ Hash
    True value of cannabis is only around 9000$ not 90,000$
    Is KRPF trying to keep the pre legal prices you people are so lame.

  11. Posted by Kopak on

    Don’t sell weed to minors It’s illegal.

  12. Posted by Snow Snake on

    Meanwhile people suffer from bootleggers’ profits that are staggering.

  13. Posted by Tommy on

    Bootleggers are laughing, because they make much more but their products are “legal”, so how do you deal with bootleggers KRPF/SQ???

    They are the ones you need to throw in jail, their irresponsible selling of alcohol destroys communities…

  14. Posted by of course toxic comments comes follow on

    Inualurqaajait tukisisimangngisutit lalugasusuut.

    yep, thank you Police, our children will be less drugged from toxic substance, foul chemical that destroys brain cells, makes ujarartiks short tempered when out of drugs in their blood, goes after their parent’s and grandparents only money. qinungasisuugaaluiit ujarairutuarami.

    Felicitation Bravo Surete du Quebec! not KRPF, lol

    See where the poverty goes to their children

  15. Posted by peter on

    In Inukjuak, someone posted bootleggers names on FB and surprisingly top KRG executive daughter”s name was there. No wonder he stopped completely opposing any bootlegging.
    Sadly, we will loose our identity our culture and nobody is doing anything about it.
    sad to see people zig zagging thru out the day.

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