Nunavik’s COVID-19 death toll reaches 8

Regional health board says it can’t provide dates or locations of deaths

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services has confirmed that eight people in Nunavik have died with COVID-19. (Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

By Jeff Pelletier - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Eight people in Nunavik have died with COVID-19, the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services confirmed on Thursday.

The board confirmed three additional deaths since Jan. 13, when it was announced that an Ivujivik resident had accounted for the region’s fifth COVID-19 death.

The health board would not say where and when each of the deaths occurred.

“We are gathering the information and looking at what is possible to give out or not,” said spokesperson Josee Levesque in an email.

All of Nunavik’s COVID-19 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic have occurred in a period of less than three months. A Kuujjuaq resident accounted for the region’s first death on Nov. 19.

Nunavik remains under a strict lockdown as COVID-19 continues to spread across the region.

The health board reported 35 new cases and 251 active cases across the region on Wednesday. Kuujjuaq reported 15 new cases and maintains the highest active case count with 124. Puvirnituq reported 11 new cases, with active cases down to 31.

Akulivik, Aupaluk and Kangiqsualujjuaq were the only communities in the region reporting zero active cases.

On Wednesday, the health board released an overview of hospitalizations in the region on its Facebook page, covering the period between Dec. 17 and Jan. 19. It shows 14 people were hospitalized over that period. There were 13 medical evacuations as well — 10 within the region and three from the region to the south.

The health board’s COVID-19 “vaccination blitz” is set to continue through the end of the month and the first few weeks of February. In addition to COVID-19 vaccine doses for everyone five and older, the health board is using the blitz to offer residents immunizations for hepatitis A, which is also spreading in Nunavik.

Hep A vaccine doses are available to children ages 18 months to nine years, as well as adults born between 1970 and 1981.

This story has been updated to reflect the fact that eight people from Nunavik have died with COVID-19. An earlier version of the story said they died from COVID-19 complications.

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(9) Comments:

  1. Posted by Peter on

    These are not accurate for sure
    Health board have not been transparent since day 1
    I believe most are immunocompromised and already sick prior Covid infection

    • Posted by NUNAVIMIUK on

      Sad , some people have died, but lots of people are on covid holidays

  2. Posted by Sorry for the loss on

    The information, I agree is not accurate.
    There was already underlying health issues.
    If there had been no Covid, would they get the same attention, is my question?

    And it’s like adding another trophy to somebody’s collection (Umiagujak manager’s)

    • Posted by No death notice in Nunavik on

      There’s not many places in the world today, at least in the free world as we know that when someone passes away it’s not announced. Nunavik’s Covid death announcement are the only time we hear of an announcement. We have no funeral home, or obituary page! Other than Facebook. So , we get Covid death announcement, but still without honour to the condolences with a obituary. I’m saying we’re used to hearsay only in Nunavik. Someone dies, it’s like , oh another one name withheld, check Facebook.

  3. Posted by George on

    Despite all the lamentations about an “overwhelmed” health-care system, what exactly has the government, both federal and territorial/provincial, done about this? Did they add more hospital beds? Did they hire more nurses and doctors? Did they expand the system in any way at all? No, they did not do any of those things. All they did was come up with rules we’re expected to follow under veiled threat of further loss of freedom. They were hoping for the best. The “best” didn’t happen and meanwhile our kids have been denied access to their peers, businesses have failed due to overly restrictive, ineffective and politically-motivated “guidance” from the various incompetent CPHO’s around the country.
    My “booster” will soon be wearing off and I’ll have to don that ridiculous mask and go for another jab. And then …another? and another?
    People are starting to rebel and the politicians are getting nervous. They will respond with further infringements on our rights unless we stop this nonsense.
    The trucker convoy to Ottawa has raised six million dollars in just a couple of weeks. It is being cheered on by tens of thousands of Canadians along the route. This makes the government very uneasy so they label the truckers as “terrorists”, “far-right extremists”, even “fascist” and “homophobic”. The media, as usual, is towing the government line. The media is complicit in all of this.
    The government of Canada is in for an ass-kicking over the next few months unless they change their tune and acknowledge that Canadians are sick of all this BS and want their lives back.

  4. Posted by Nunavik inuk on

    In the uk they did a foir (freedom of information records) check and found since the pandemic began total number of deaths was 17 thousand of Covid, also can our health system look into and put in record myocarditis cases and hepatitis resulting from Moderna vaccines

  5. Posted by Hannah on

    Not stating where and who it happened is not right. We hear about people
    Dying from
    Cancer but with Covid? These people have had underlying health issues before and probably enhanced by the vaccine. You are so wrong to not give the people more information. Someone needs to investigate these people at “work” who are they really working for? Government or us?

  6. Posted by Inform or deny on

    As far as information is concerned, Nunavik don’t want the truth anyway. It’s a denial society. Information can be empowering, but you need to own the truth for it to be so. The authorities don’t give certain information that would otherwise be given down south, because Nunavik can’t handle it well. The data will be abused and intimidation will prevail. And that’s why not many with Covid will share their experiences, fear of the stigma. And I’ll add this: most people that are getting Covid, if not all people are getting it by exposure to a person or group or person, no masking used. Getting it from exposure no mask being used in a smallish space with one of more Covid people in the same setting with them. Show me otherwise. Debunk my common sense.

    • Posted by Mask or no mask? on

      Mask effectiveness can be measured more, and indicating that effectiveness to the fight that the authorities are having in getting people to respect the measures. When people are testing positive, and if any tracing can be done, put in the question to the positive cases, of whether they and others around them were wearing a mask or not? I’m betting that no mask are being used at the time of exposure. That would certainly help to know that about the mask in that situation.

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