Nunavik’s newest health management grads

Nunavik health care workers Mary Iqiquq Tukalak and Susan Nulukie celebrate their graduation from McGill University’s Management of Health and Social Services program at a May 28 ceremony in Montreal. Both women are employees of the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services and took the certificate program on a work-study basis. (Photo courtesy of NRBHSS)

By Nunatsiaq News

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  1. Posted by No degree on

    Oh, this is good, but could be better. More so, if the grads are young and not long out of school. But why not go for a degree at the university level. Why is nunavik kept in this dire space of not fully achieving a full education, but rather these fly by night programs that offer false sense of accomplishment. No, I’m not putting down these grads, but it’s time for our young people to go and reach the top. It’s part of a system also, that encourages such lagged behind programs. Come on school grads, go for the degree. It’s been 40 years of theses make and go , settling for the less.

    • Posted by oh my on

      As a former instructor in one such tailored program I concur with the previous comment, these programs are also a money pit for the universities and colleges that produce them, however, maybe the pride of succeeding will provide much needed hope for graduates and others that are following this being said, the limitations of these programs should be seriously addressed in fact they contribute to the neocolonial posture of the provincial and federal government

  2. Posted by agree degrees on

    there are too many now thinking they are on par when they graduate from joint programs but are truly not capable. the Nunavut arctic college should ensure and be aware of such public awareness or criticisms, true or not. In communities we know who is who and what they can do.

    Those that are ‘graduated’ are known to barely write a sentence, so how can they have graduated???? Allowing this also allows for the decreased lack of faith in the certificates you print.

  3. Posted by Proud on

    Such negativity. Why can’t we just be proud of these hardworking individuals that have strived to achieve higher education to better themselves in their jobs. By all means, I also encourage youth to get their University degrees through the mainstream, but not all people can just up and leave their families to attend University.

    • Posted by Oh my on

      Why is healthy debate always negative ? Why do we discuss people instead of ideas,the cornerstone of education is being able to discuss,disagree debate ideas ,think critically ,

      • Posted by Ideally on

        Yes yes. It’s misunderstood when you debate ideas here in the north. It seems to always fall into the “thin skins”; thinking it’s insulting; thinking it’s all about them directly, which in fact it’s the opposite. It’s part of being uneducated ( please don’t take offence), to be self centered and misinformed. It’s bothers me how some people are standing up for the individuals that are graduating from these low level programs, only to continue into the disarray of ignorance.

  4. Posted by Go west on

    This is not higher education by no means. This is as close to fake as we can get. It’s a taking advantage for money programs. We don’t need to degrade the students of such, but we need to make the student more equip to get into the real educational material. This is nothing but an example of the systems that are out there, knowing that we are a little disadvantage here in the north , and they take more advantage. It’s like many aspects of being taking advantage of right down to housing and food. They pull the wool way down over the eyes of the disadvantaged. It’s not about, not being able to go away from your family either. That’s another falsified ideal put into the minds of northern students. Hey, on the end of the day, you either have it or you don’t. For us here in the north, we only think we have it, but we don’t.
    I’m disappointed that large universities in our country, encourages such inadequate programs to the disadvantaged. Yes , by the way, we are disadvantaged, but we don’t need encouragement to stay that way.

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