Nunavik’s new women’s association wants you


The Saturviit Nunavik Inuit Women’s Association is looking for members to join the organization.

The fledgling association recently sent brochures to every household in Nunavik, inviting all Inuit women to become members, by faxing in a membership form included in the brochure.

Saturviit wants to focus their work on seven areas, including family harmony, positive parenting, education and language, healing and children’s safety.

The brochure text also includes Saturviit’s “Stop Violence” manifesto, which urges Nunavimmiut to take a stand against violence towards women and children and officials to act against violence.

“The women of Nunavik demand social justice for their communities,” it says.

A recent news release from Saturviit encourages all Inuit women to join and support its work “to benefit our communities and Inuit women of Nunavik.”

For more information, call Martha Annanack, the new coordinator of Saturviit, who works out of the Kativik Regional Government office in Kuujjuaq, at 819-964-2961, or email

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