Nunavut fuel prices to increase by 20 cents per litre on Dec. 4

The increase in price is related to rising costs globally of crude oil, GN states

There will be an increase in the base price of fuel by 20 cents starting on Dec. 4, the Government of Nunavut’s Department of Community and Government services announced. This increase includes diesel for heating and vehicles, as well as gasoline and jet fuel. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

The base price of fuel in Nunavut will jump 20 cents per litre as of Dec. 4, the Government of Nunavut’s Department of Community and Government Services has announced.

This increase includes all diesel products, gasoline and jet fuel.

For communities outside Iqaluit, the retail price for diesel heating will be $1.35 per litre, while the price of diesel for vehicles will be $1.50 per litre and gasoline will be $1.40 per litre.

Also in Iqaluit, the retail price of diesel for heating is moving to $1.29 per litre. The department did not provide the retail prices for gasoline and diesel in vehicles but said they will be available at the location of vendors.

The price increases reflect the rising costs of crude oil globally, Community and Government Services stated in the release, adding Nunavut is still one of the lowest cost jurisdictions in the country for fuel.

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(23) Comments:

  1. Posted by Greedy on

    Sound like greedy PPD trying to make it impossible to afford hunting and fishing unless ur a rich government worker ?

    • Posted by Northern Guy on

      Have you been paying any attention to recent fuel prices in the rest of Canada? In some places it is still over $4 per litre. Anyone who was half way awake knew this increase was coming. I guess you would prefer if they gave the fuel away for free?

      • Posted by what! on

        $1.26 per Liter in Edmonton!

  2. Posted by Home Owner on

    Way to go GN. Hitting us home owners again with higher costs to heat are homes. No wonder people would prefer to live in public housing even if the public housing units are run down.

    • Posted by Justinflation on

      Justinflation is coming to Nunavut.
      Wonder if the GN workers are going to regret their new collective agreement?

      • Posted by enosamm on

        Thats right its JT’s fault that worldwide fuel prices have skyrocketed across the board. He wields that much power and influence on a global stage, while still allowing Nunavut to have some of the lowest fuel prices in Canada.

        He is a modern marvel and is oh so dreamy.

  3. Posted by tuktuborel on

    Very big increase. Home heating fuel cost just got really expensive and no tax relief for home owners. I want my Carbon Tax money money please.

    • Posted by John W Paul Murphy on

      Have you looked at your home heating bill recently? We get half the carbon tax back already.
      Although, there shouldn’t be a tax in the first place.
      That is what happens when you elect a liberal/ndp government tho.

  4. Posted by S on

    “The price increases reflect the rising costs of crude oil globally, Community and Government Services stated in the release”

    What an extraordinarily childish statement!

  5. Posted by Still Thankful on

    Be thankful our gas and fuel is still subsidized by the GN. If they didn’t do that, then we would’ve been paying over $2/litre of gas. And rising many times a year like rest of Canada.

    GN elects to subsidize gas and fuel for hunters and homeowners. GNWT elects to pay full price of gas and fuel, plus aren’t covered by increments. Meaning they see rising prices many times a year. GNWT elects to subsidize tobacco products(atleast that was a couple years ago past I checked) instead of gas and fuel.

    • Posted by tuktuborel on

      Fuel subsidized? I don’t think so. It is just that the GN does not tack on sales tax like all the provinces do. And several provinces have reduced gas tax to help consumers. Don’t know about heating fuel though.

      Further, it is not the jump in the cost of gas that should be the only concern. Its the increased cost of jet fuel and heating fuel that will have a bigger impact on many.

      • Posted by John W Paul Murphy on

        Once again false information.

        The GN does charge a tax on gasoline

        • Posted by tuktuborel on

          I stand corrected.

          6.4 cents per liter tax on gas

          3.1 cents per liter on heating fuel

          must be the lowest rates in Canada.

  6. Posted by Northern Inuit on

    How many Communities did they have to fly fuel into this year? They didn’t raise the price then.

    But we are all paying for it now.

    Still, much cheaper than NWT. They do not subsidize anything over there. Could you imagine filling your truck, $264 per full on an empty tank!

    • Posted by S on

      Thanks ‘Northern Inuit’; most likely, the cost of the refined gasoline at the pump is essentially unimpacted by the costs to recover the oil from the Earth. Those costs have been declining steadily for years.

      It seems that refining, transportation, distribution, taxes, and profit determine the price we pay for fuel and nearly all other goods. That aside, your truck costs you $140,000 (all-in cost) over a dozen years; that’s nearly $12,000 per year.

      The $2,000 per year spent needlessly on a truck’s gasoline in a northern community (we COULD walk more) is a small price for the luxury; and so on

      • Posted by Imagine on

        Why would you walk the 5 minutes to work when instead you could idle your engine for a half hour and then drive 45 seconds in a warm $70,000 chevvy truck?

  7. Posted by Igunaaqi on

    Why complain when Nunavut residents keep voting socialist liberals and NDP? Bunch of libtarts wanting more handouts.

    • Posted by Jack Sparrow on


  8. Posted by Sammy on

    This increase is going to add to the high cost of food and transportation. With freight rates and the cost of food already at record levels this increase will only add to the pain. Is this the time to raise fuel costs?

  9. Posted by Confused on

    I think I’ll buy me a 4 stroke snowmobiles next year.

  10. Posted by MARS on

    Stop voting for socialists who keep our taxes sky high in order to keep up their spending habits.

  11. Posted by Nunavut Land Claim Beneficiary on

    The inflation of goods is constantly going up, it’s not only in Canada it is internationally. PPD is not greedy just cause Trudeau raise child tax and so on you guys vote for him and he is the problem spending money elsewhere and we are being taxed on it, we are paying for taxes being spent overseas.


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