In wake of standoff, Nunavut RCMP issue “call to action” on firearms storage

Two men arrested, one faces four counts of attempted murder

The windshield of this RCMP vehicle is riddled with bullet holes after a dangerous shooting incident Dec. 22. Two men now face multiple charges in relation to the incident. (HANDOUT PHOTO)

By Nunatsiaq News

(Updated, Dec. 24, 3:15 p.m.)

Nunavummiut must take action to secure their firearms and ammunition, the Nunavut RCMP said in a statement Sunday afternoon.

That urgent plea come less than 24 hours after two men were charged with multiple offences, following a dangerous shooting incident in the Happy Valley neighbourhood of Iqaluit.

Police originally said they believed one 25-year-old man was responsible for the standoff.

But as of Dec. 24, it appears as if two shooters were involved. Police have now revealed they’ve filed criminal charges against two men.

They are Jerry Issuqangituq and Darrell Alooloo.

Issuqangituq faces the following charges:

• Four counts of attempted murder.

• Four counts of discharging a firearm with intent to wound, maim or prevent an arrest.

• One count of assault with a weapon.

Alooloo faces the following charges:

• Four counts of discharging a firearm with intent to wound, maim or prevent an arrest.

• One count of breach of an undertaking.

The two men are scheduled to appear at the Nunavut Court of Justice on Jan. 2.

At the same time, members of the Ottawa Police Service have arrived in Iqaluit to do an independent investigation, the RCMP said.

That Dec. 22 standoff came hard on the heels of another dangerous incident earlier this week, on Wednesday, Dec. 19, when a 34-year old man held three young children inside a house in lower Iqaluit.

After 12 hours of negotiations, police arrested the man and rescued the children, who are now in the custody of the Department of Child and Family Services.

“Our resources cannot sustain this sort of continued behaviour. It is both a danger to the community and in most instances irreparable to our members, who are having to respond in extreme weather conditions and often in complete darkness,” Inspector Mark Crowther said in a statement.

To prevent more incidents like that, police want the public’s help.

“We are asking you to help us please. Take the time necessary to secure firearms. Involve trigger lock mechanisms,” the RCMP statement said.

“Remove bolts. Secured storage. Separate ammunition. Alcohol and firearms do not mix,” the police statement went on to say.

The driver’s side window on this RCMP vehicle now has three bullet holes. There are at least five or six on the same vehicle’s windshield. (HANDOUT PHOTO)

In the Dec. 22 incident, a man, after a family fled a residence located in the 500s area of Iqaluit, “took up arms” and fired shots at police and passing vehicles, the RCMP said Dec. 23.

But as of Dec. 24, it appears as if two men had been firing shots. And those responding to the crisis in Iqaluit faced mid-winter darkness, bitterly cold temperatures, and winds ranging from 52 to 62 km/h, with wind chills of between -40 and -42 Celsius.

After the RCMP critical incident team arrived, police evacuated nearby houses. No one was hurt.

But police say it was a “preventable” incident, suggesting alcohol, combined with poorly stored firearms, may have led to the incident.

“The RCMP would like to remind the public that alcohol and firearms don’t mix. Please safely secure your firearms. Pick up your free trigger lock at any Nunavut RCMP detachment. This event was preventable,” police said.

The RCMP said they thank Iqaluit municipal enforcement officers, the Nunavut Department of Emergency and Protective Services, and victim services staff for their help.

In a tweet, Iqaluit Mayor Madeleine Redfern said respected elders and community leaders talked about “responsible drinking and safe firearm storage” at a community feast yesterday evening in Iqaluit.

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(11) Comments:

  1. Posted by Juuli Akavak on

    My goodness!! Iqaluit is becoming a place of the Devils work. Scary place to live!

    I am glad that nobody was hurt. This is a prime example of the dangers that could occur when not using proper gun safety/storage.

    Be safe out there Iqalummiut, it’s a craZy place out there! 🙁

  2. Posted by Paul Murphy on

    Yes firearms and ammunition storage is an absolute must and I have long said that each municipality has a responsibility to ensure there is a storage facility and with reasonable access to it.
    But lets not forget that it is drunken idiots like these two who need to be held responsible 100%. And Christmas and New Year’s Eve is not here yet.
    Actually shooting at passing cars and RCMP vehicles?? Holding your own children as hostages?? Give me ten minutes in a cell with my baseball bat and both of these clowns and they won’t come out with the ability to pick up a spoon to eat. Complete mental midgets.
    The Hamlet of Iqaluit Councillors are going to say it takes a community to correct the situation. Well did you not think that is why you were elected? Actions speak louder than words Councillor. Close the wine & beer store. Arrest the dealers walking the streets. No licenses and closed bars (from December 23 to January 3) . You people don’t have the balls do you?

    • Posted by Mark Christie on

      Paul, violence begets violence. Why would your baseball bat violence be any better than theirs? Is it because you do your violence while sober or maybe it is because you are a better person than those two?

  3. Posted by Paul Murphy on

    Once again, thank you to the RCMP Officers, thank you the the by law officers and to the first responders. Your jobs are dangerous because of these idiots and some clowns suggest you are too rough on them. I, for one , have always believed that a good boot in the butt and a mouth full of bar soap can clean this up in a hurry. Thank you for your service.

  4. Posted by Finally on

    Best message I’ve seen in a long time. Our police work to hard despite the crap they take day in day out. Nunavimmiuut needs to wake up and heed this very welcome message from police.

  5. Posted by Mary on

    Need safety locks on all guns, year round ?

  6. Posted by Halifx watching on

    OMG ! Truck rattled with bullets. Windshield. Hood. No news coverage south of you. Pathetic. Good on rcmp to take a stand and tell truth of up there. Feel for you all. Blessings.

  7. Posted by Dont blame the Beer and Wine Store…. on

    Why blame the beer and wine store, if thats closed then the bootleggers win and will thrive during these times, its the irresponsible drinkers who are to blame, just because you dont drink Paul, the beer store is not to blame nor the places that supply booze, this is an example why you have no say in anything about this “CITY”. I get it your angry because you or others couldnt stop the beer and wine store from opening.

  8. Posted by Douglas Bailey on

    While I’m all for safe storage, how is this going to help if the perpetrators stored the guns?

    This is more an issue of people out of control. Drunk or not, there is something wrong with someone who would shoot at another human being, police or not.

    Firearms penalties are already in place for this kind of incident. They just need to be enforced…..and that does not mean a healing lodge.

  9. Posted by TGC on

    The seeds of chaos that are planted and grown in our lives, our time, is no coincidence. Beware of what you are fed, seek knowledge and gather your information from sources in but also outside of the main stream, beware of the flashy, disorienting feed that streams into our lives. In the chaos, divisions, thoughtlessness serve those who have but one objective, to profit in wealth and power at our, our society’s loss/expense. Keep well, learn to live well within your local community, the mental health are many, do your best to mind and take care of yours.

    • Posted by THC on

      mental health needs are many

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