Nunavut records 8th death from COVID-19

The last death in the territory occurred more than a month ago, when the GN was reporting pandemic data regularly

Chief public health officer Dr. Michael Patterson said the GN was notified last week of the eighth death in Nunavut due to COVID-19. (Graphic by Viktor Forgacs/Unsplash)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavut’s eighth death due to COVID-19 was confirmed Thursday by the territorial government.

Chief public health officer Dr. Michael Patterson said the Government of Nunavut was notified of the death last week. He encouraged Nunavummiut to ensure they are up to date on their vaccinations.

Further information about the death was not disclosed, including the individual’s age, sex, or where they lived.

The territory recorded its first and second deaths from the coronavirus in December 2020.

Friends and family identified them as Luki Sammurtok from Arviat, and Dan Autut from Rankin Inlet.

Prior to Thursday’s announcement, the last death in Nunavut was recorded more than a month ago, when the GN was reporting COVID-19 data regularly.

On April 7, Patterson said the GN will no longer report COVID-19 case and vaccine data on a regular basis. It will, however, continue to share that information with the federal government and when the Public Health Act requires.


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  1. Posted by anyone else bored of this? on


    • Posted by Disgusting Comment on

      I’m bored of idiots who can’t show the least amount of respect. Someone lost their life here. Disgusting comment.

  2. Posted by I live in the Arctic on

    Why aren’t we informed of the number of cases, covid is still here!

  3. Posted by 867 on

    Meanwhile, in the USA, they have just marked 1,000,000 death milestone. Time to move on.

    How many of these 8 were preventable? How many were due to preexisting and underlying conditions? How many were fully vaccinated? Was it worth the hundreds of millions spent on restrictions and isolation hubs? How many in the same timespan died from the flu?

    These questions do have answers, but our government is mum on releasing this info to the public, as we have found out with the GN’s recent refusal to comply with a public ATIPPA request (Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act) –

    • Posted by listener on

      you are so absolutely right

    • Posted by Northern Guy on

      You need to stop with the conspiracy theories. What does it matter if they were or weren’t vaccinated, were old or young or had underlying medical conditions? Covid is still here and its still dangerous. The best protection is the vaccine so get vaccinated and continue to practice safe protocols. Until most of thecrestbof thecwirld is vaccinated we aren’t moving on from anything any time soon.


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