Nunavut to get $10 a day childcare by Dec. 1

Territory first jurisdiction to get $10-a-day per child daycare for licensed facilities

Federal Minister for Children, Families and Social Development Karina Gould announces details of a $10-a-day daycare plan for Nunavut on Thursday in Igloolik. Among the officials who joined her were Nunavut Deputy Education Minister Rebecca Hainnu, far left, and beside her Education Minister Pamela Gross. (Photo by Meral Jamal)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavut families will pay $10 a day for childcare at licensed daycares in the territory starting Dec. 1, the federal government announced Thursday.

Igloolikmiut look on as details of a $10-a-day daycare plan for Nunavut are announced Thursday. (Photo by Meral Jamal)

Federal Minister for Children, Families and Social Development Karina Gould made the announcement in Igloolik Thursday alongside Nunavut Education Minister Pamela Gross.

“This achievement will make a real difference for families, as parents across the territory will see hundreds of dollars in savings each month,” Gould said in a news release.

“I look forward to the day that families across the country can enjoy the benefits families in Nunavut have achieved today.”

Nunavut signed on to the Liberal government’s $10 a day childcare plan back in January, but that agreement said costs would be reduced to $10 a day by March 2024.

“This milestone was achieved a full 15 months ahead of Nunavut’s Action Plan schedule, and more than three years ahead of the March 2026 federal goal for Canada-wide implementation,” the release noted.

Daycare facilities and home daycares licensed with the Government of Nuanvut will be eligible for the $10-a-day per child deal.


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(15) Comments:

  1. Posted by Great news, but… on

    Good luck finding reliable staff to show up to work on a regular basis

  2. Posted by Doubting Thomas on

    Will they really have enough childcare workers for this?

    • Posted by sure on

      Well in Igloolik the DEA started a Daycare in the new High School, and also got the Early Childhood Education program going here. so hopefully there will be enough. Also the ECE program is in other communities as well so there is work toward this

    • Posted by Christine on

      Simple and honest answer to your question: NO they do not!

  3. Posted by Puppet Master on

    Those who already have day care will see their price drop to $10 per child per day.
    Don’t expect any additional day care spaces to be available any time soon.
    If you don’t already have day care, don’t expect to find any day care in Nunavut at that price for a long time.
    Nunavut will have low-cost day care for the rich, and no day care for the poor.

    • Posted by Taimaatsiaq on

      what will Kakivak or QIA dish out to the rich now with their daycare funds? It was heard that a scale would work best so the sukku, poor, get the assistance. Taimaatsiaq.

    • Posted by Tom Shelby on

      So the rich are the working class? Thats who needs daycare because they go to work every day. If you are poor and don’t go to work every day, what would you need daycare for?

  4. Posted by I got a bridge to sell you on

    Just look at Pamela’s facial expression. Even she knows it’s too good to be true.

    • Posted by Northern Inuk on

      She will use this in her next campaign election, “I gave Nunavummiut this $10 a day for childcare”, we all know this was long before her time. Taking credit for another’s idea, classless.

  5. Posted by Where are the stats? on

    Nunatsiaq news – please report on how many daycares are actually offering $10 daycare and where they are in Nunavut. My daycare said the Dept of Education couldn’t provide her with the money and documents required to make this change.

  6. Posted by Jayjay on

    This is the best news ever! I personally know 3 women who had to leave their jobs because they couldn’t afford transportation, daycare, and a potential rent increase in public housing. It was more affordable for them not to work.

    Now we just need more daycares as the current waitlists are so long.

    • Posted by Christine on

      You can open 50 more daycares but you won’t be able to staff them. Most all daycares in Iqaluit are suffering from being short staffed and are not close to capacity which means waiting lists don’t move. They can’t take in more children if they don’t have the staff to care for them. Until housing is provided for this sector nothing being done is a help to staff the centres. The $10 is great for families that already have their child enrolled in a licensed centre. The demand for childcare is going to be even higher but they still can’t staff the daycares that already exist!


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