Nunavut youth nudged to apply for summer jobs at GN

Hiring season runs from April 5 to September 30

Nunavut’s Department of Environment has a new deputy minister: Jimmy Noble Jr., a former wildlife officer and director of emergency management. (File photo)

By Courtney Edgar

The Government of Nunavut is encouraging the territory’s youth to earn money and get some work experience through its Summer Student Employment Equity Program.

Every year, secondary and post-secondary students can apply for summer work at various GN departments to learn on the job and bring in a pay cheque.

The hiring season runs from April 5 to Sept. 30.

However, the recommended deadline for students to submit applications is April 5, for jobs starting as early as April 22.

For jobs that start later in the season, the deadline is July 5.

According to the program’s eligibility requirements, the first hiring priority will be students who are Nunavut Inuit.

Last year, there were 298 students. Of those, 81 per cent were Inuit.

Second priority in the hiring process goes to other non-beneficiary Nunavut students who have lived in the territory for at least a year—either over the age of 21 or under 21, or whose parents or legal guardians have lived in Nunavut for the last year if they are under 21.

In all cases, the residency requirement must be proven with a valid Nunavut health card.

Eligible students must either be a high school or college graduate this year, or registered in a post-secondary school either in the semester before the summer or the semester after the summer, or have completed at least Grade 10 and be a full-time high school student currently.

Applicants will also need a proof of school enrolment or school certificate.

In some cases, a criminal record check or references may be required.

Students can apply online or by emailing their summer student coordinator at their regional office before April 5.

Some job examples are accounting clerk, communications coordinator, accounting clerk, human resources assistant, Inuit employment analyst, junior policy analyst, laboratory technician and parks technician.

Students can specify the department and field they are interested in working in on their application.

The salary starts at 75 per cent of step 0 of the specific position’s pay grid, and increases in proportion for each year a student is employed at the GN. By the fourth year, the student will make 100 per cent of step 0 for the job.

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  1. Posted by NepotistNunavut on

    SSEEP – where the only way to get your application moving is to know who knows someone…This program isnt 100% worth it when the GN hiring process takes 2 and a half months to “process” when a student returning from a post-secondary school coming back to their hometown has to sit and wait for half of their summer while their SSEEP applications get processed. a student doesn’t have time like the GN does, we have to return to school and rely on this money to survive in the south where the Government doesn’t hold your hand or wipe your ass for you…

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