Nunavut court of appeal sworn in


IQALUIT — Nunavut’s Court of Appeal held its first session this week at Iqaluit.

The court didn’t hear any appeals, but nine of the appointed judges were sworn in at a ceremony that included Nunavut Justice Minister Jack Anawak.

“You face great challenges in the coming years, but you also face immense gratification in working with and getting to know the people of Nunavut,” Anawak told the court.

The court will hear and rule on appeals from Nunavut’s trial court and is comprised of 18 judges from the territories and Alberta.

A panel of three or five judges will be selected to hear each appeal, said the appeal court’s chief justice, Catherine Fraser. Justice Beverly Browne and Justice Robert Kilpatrick can’t hear appeals of cases they’ve ruled on.

The court is scheduled to meet at least three times a year. The court will be headquartered in Iqaluit, but may meet in other communities, Fraser said.

Judges appointed to the court of appeal are:

Chief Justice Catherine Fraser;
Justice Beverly Browne;
Justice Robert Kilpatrick;
Justice Harry Maddison;
Justice John Bracco;
Justice Calvin Tallis;
Justice Mary Hetherington;
Justice René Foisy;
Justice Allen Sulatycky;
Justice Howard Irving
Justice Ronald Berger
Justice Jean Coté
Justice Edward Richard
Justice John Vertes
Justice Constance Hunt
Justice Anne Russell
Justice Ralph Hudson
Justice Virginia Schuler
Justice Neil Wittmann

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