Nunavut must be at war


I am patiently waiting to be conscripted. Perhaps then my superiors will let me in on all the secret plans they are concocting.

Until then, I understand that such information in my hands would be a risk to the security of the territory.

Who knows what I might do with a Baffin Region Health and Social Services interim financial report (Captain Jarvis Hoult claimed that its release “would only cause speculation among the public”, Sept. 17 Nunatsiaq News), or with a TOP SECRET document from Cabinet or Caucus (General Ng expressing his distress about the breach of confidentiality within the government, Sept. 17, Nunatsiaq News).

Who knows what the enemy could do if they knew that our leaders don’t always get along. Our way of life could be in jeopardy.

I suppose I can always take comfort that if I really really want to know something I can make good use of the Access to Information Act inherited from the previous regime.

After I fill out the requisite form I can wait my minimum of 30 days to get all I need to know. Excepting Cabinet deliberations, of course. The thoughts of our generals’ thought processes could be dangerous if they fell into the wrong hands.

I guess I can understand the curtailing of the free flow of information in these trying times. And when I vote next time, I can make my choice based on the pretty pictures on the campaign posters. After all, we are at war, aren’t we?

Now if I could only figure out who the government thinks the enemy is.

Waiting for TOP SECRET clearance.

Paul Crowley

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