Nunavut Tourism business plan identifies goals


The long-awaited business plan for Nunavut Tourism was tabled in the legislative assembly on the last day of the sixth session by Sustainable Development Minister Olayuk Akesuk.

The business plan increases the role of marketing, calling it a fundamental activity for Nunavut Tourism — if people don’t know about Nunavut and what it has to offer, they aren’t likely to visit. “It is a general awareness of Nunavut as a destination which drives prospective visitors to seek out operator information and to ‘check out’ operator Web sites.”

The 30-page document lists some of the major projects Nunavut Tourism is working on for the current year. They include a Nunavut-wide plan for cruise ship development, celebrations to commemorate the 100th anniversary of explorer Roald Amundsen’s arrival in Gjoa Haven, a government policy on tourism and links with other circumpolar countries.

It devotes a larger portion of the budget to travel to allow Iqaluit-based staff to spend more time in communities. Nunavut Tourism’s 2002-3 budget is $2.36 million.

It also places a strong focus on training of Nunavut Tourism’s 12-person staff, as well as community organizations and member operators. It introduces the notion of “tourism training,” defined as programs or courses that could be provided either by Arctic College, Nunavut Tourism or a combination of both.

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