Nunavut was better off under the NWT government


We should speak out with her about homelessness in Nunavut.

I believe we were better off with the old NWT government, when everything was accessible to everyone in the territory. After Nunavut we are now in hardship.

They, NTI, promised those 16 and up that if they supported NTI, all families would have a better life and would get machines, like snowmobiles, Hondas, boats and motors. Today, a lot of the beneficiaries don’t qualify for this.

Crime and suicides have jumped. My point is about homelessness in Nunavut. Gjoa Haven for, example, has a few vacant public housing units, waiting for the Housing Corp. to tender these units for repair.

Well these units sit empty, when there are 44 families on the waiting list for social housing. It’s time for our local leaders, including the cabinet ministers, to wake up. Elections are only five months away.

It’s time for the Housing Corp. or the hamlets to repair these units. The regional Housing Corp. won’t help us. We have to do these little things on our own. It’s not only housing, there is health, education, jobs. It’s time to speak out.

Inuit Child First, Indigenous Services Canada

David Angutingnusaq Porter
Gjoa Haven

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