Nunavut’s COVID-19 case count swells to 109

Arviat surges to 80 cases, Whale Cove hits 14; two recover in Sanikiluaq

In Arviat, the worst-hit community by far, the Government of Nunavut confirmed 22 new COVID-19 cases today, bringing Arviat’s total to 80. Nunavut’s total number of confirmed infections now stands at 109. With two recovered cases in Sanikiluaq, the number of active infections stands at 107. (Submitted photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavut’s COVID-19 case count surged past the 100 mark Saturday, as the territory added 25 new confirmed coronavirus infections, bringing the total number of reported cases in the territory to 109, up from Friday’s 84.

For the first time, the Government of Nunavut reported that two people have recovered, meaning there are 107 active cases in the territory.

In Arviat, the worst-hit community by far, the Government of Nunavut confirmed 22 new cases, bringing its total to 80, the GN said in a news release.

It confirmed three more cases in Whale Cove, bringing that community’s total to 14.

All the people in Nunavut with active infections remain in isolation. The GN said they’re well, with mild to moderate symptoms.

No deaths have been reported in Nunavut since the first COVID-19 case was confirmed more than two weeks ago. Across Canada, more than 320,000 cases have been reported and more than 11,000 deaths since the pandemic was declared in March.

Public health staff continue to do contact tracing in all affected communities and are monitoring all patients in isolation, the GN said.

At the same time, the two people in Sanikiluaq who previously tested positive have recovered, the GN said. There are no new cases in that community.

“While the two cases in Sanikiluaq are now recovered, the current restrictions in the community still apply and I urge residents of Sanikiluaq to continue to follow the public health measures in place,” said Dr. Michael Patterson, Nunavut’s chief public health officer.

The government also reports no new cases for Rankin Inlet, where the total there remains at 13.

The GN continues to state that there’s no evidence so far of community transmission in either Rankin Inlet or Whale Cove.

In Arviat, however, Patterson said yesterday he believes community transmission is occurring.

As of Nov. 20, the GN had conducted 110 negative tests in Rankin Inlet, while testing in Arviat has produced 210 negative results

Nunavut’s territory-wide lockdown, which began Nov. 18 and will continue until Dec. 2, remains in place.

“I also want to remind all Nunavummiut that until health teams have completed contact tracing and the virus spread is contained, the number of active cases will continue to fluctuate,” Patterson said.

Meanwhile, Premier Joe Savikataaq urges Nunavummiut not to panic.

“We will continue to see dips and rises in our case numbers for some time,” Savikataaq said in the news release.

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  1. Posted by Scared on

    God bless everyone. Please take care. We r all in this together.

  2. Posted by trapper Don on

    Wear your mask – wash your hands often – keep your distance from others. These are things you – MUST DO TO STAY SAFE.

  3. Posted by Samele on

    During Friday’s 6pm north beat. During John’s interview. People coming out of co-op or northern store wearing no masks at main door and perhaps inside.

  4. Posted by We Are Inuit With Knowledge on

    I am hoping and praying our words and actions can make an actual difference with this Coronavirus by applying our acquired knowledge and insights, We could all deliberately choose a path to avoid danger or trouble, and to exploit opportunities.
    I myself believe foresight was a huge evolutionary advantage for us Inuit of Nunavut.
    And that’s what is so tragic today when we have all the amplified foresight of scientists and supercomputers, which have been warning us for decades as our own elders ,that we are heading down a dangerous path, and we are not all following our chief medical officers directives , and that should scare everyone who have learned to understand the seriousness of this disease we all know as COVID19 ,instead we are allowing politics and economics to override this predictive power. Its time my fellow Inuit to step up and be an example for all Inuit and Stay Home and continue our vigilance for our families and in doing so , we are guaranteed back our freedoms to continue life as we have known it .
    Lets stay safe and Help along with the directives given before us , It is NOT for ever. BE SAFE

  5. Posted by Name withheld on

    Just read the update, no changes in Rankin Inlet, Arviat total 80 and Whale Cove 14 ? this is a scary number for a small community!! From looking at the post they are getting upset about having to isolate at home and they are going for rides!!! They seem to think they are immune to this Virus as they are clearly not listening to the COPH. Do they not know how seriously this is? And what it can do to your lungs and organs?
    Iqaluit and Rankin will never be able to handle 100 patients and yet we hear some aren’t taking this serious only cause they are bored of isolating while others are trying to listen and get upset of those that aren’t !!!

    • Posted by Arviat resident on

      Editors of NN can you please do a better job of not publishing ignorance like this.?

      Arviat is having a difficult time and this crap does not help one bit.

      Arviamiut 90% plus are doing awesome and don’t need to see this garbage.

      NN should be ashamed of yourself for allowing this to happen please fix this.

  6. Posted by Samele on

    Friday North beat 6pm. During the MLA interview. Resident’s. Coming/going at main door from grocery store wearing no masks. All my God.

    • Posted by Samele? on

      No those are old Videos. I just saw the Video of North beat for Friday Nov 19.

  7. Posted by Akuttuq on

    Oh dear my Niki and son Thomas Trevin be safe and God bless Arviat miut be. Safe social distance and wash hands importantly

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