Nunavut’s Reel to Reel puts youth in touch with elders

Youth and elders take a break from the Reel to Reel project in Cambridge Bay to pose for a photo Nov. 25 at the Canadian High Arctic Research Station. The project was organized in partnership with Reel Youth, a media group that delivers community development programming to youth and adults across Canada and internationally, and the Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq/Kitikmeot Heritage Society. The project aims to strengthen intergenerational connections by having youth make short films about elders’ lives. “The youth did an incredible job filming their first interviews and it’s amazing to have the elders speak in their Inuinnaqtun language,” said a social media posting by Reel Youth. “We’re so excited for the rest of the week.” (Photo courtesy of Reel Youth/Facebook)

By Jane George

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  1. Posted by Amazing, wishing Nunavik Youth to meet our Elders too on

    Amazing, I love Nunavut people prioritizing their elders.

    I wish Nunavik Youth would do the same instead of shunning their Elders down, talking back to their Parents and Elders, when they even have no greater experience to their Parents and Elders, especially to their Grandparents.

    Kiumaalutsariaqarturijuiit inuusuttuiit anaanamminut ataatamminullu

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