Open letter to the City of Iqaluit


I daily walk along the seaside trails and tundra between the city and Apex. I wish to make the city aware of a unique tourism marketing opportunity. I believe we have some of the most colourful beaches and shorelines of any city in Canada. For this reason it is now time that we should announce this spectacle to the world.

I can picture it in my mind as visiting viewers remark:

“Oh look – a white spot and another beautiful white spot with blue lettering and yet another and another. That North Mart must be a very prolific species. Just look at all the gorgeous red, yellow, green, gold and blue colours in all shapes and sizes. They must be northern flowers.”

Northmart is not to blame for all their bags littering the land and waters. In fact not too long ago they encouraged citizens of our fair city to use alternate means for carrying purchases such as personal bags. It’s us who are to blame.

The shopping bags are among the tens of thousands pieces of garbage that is strewn all over the city. The accumulation of garbage over the years is fast destroying the beauty of our city.

The land and water cannot speak our language.

But if they did I am sure they would be telling us to be more careful with our garbage. They would be warning us of the tiny pieces of plastics, paper and other substances our fish, fowl and other forms of wildlife consume and that tangle their world. They would tell us how our garbage not only contaminates and pollutes the lands and water but all creatures that live in and depend upon land and water plus all that grows from the land.

It is time for a major city-wide clean up (not just the shores and beaches.) But more than that it is also time that we must take greater care in managing our garbage year round so that it does not get blown away during fierce storms and from ravenous dogs and ravens.

If this means a more active environment protection committee and a more responsive and caring council then so be it. We must not use Mother Nature as our garbage collector for if we do we will eventually be consumed by our own refuse.

Frank Pearce

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