Ottawa police locate one missing woman; another remains missing

Susan Kuplu-Irqittuq and daughter Lennese Kublu reported missing last weekend

From left: Dwight Brown and Lennese Kublu have now both been charged in connection with the death of Susan Kuplu-Irqittuq, far right. (Handout photo)

By Sarah Rogers

(Updated Jan. 16)

The Ottawa Police Service says one of two Inuit women reported missing over the weekend has been located.

The OPS said Wednesday morning that Lennese Kublu was found Jan. 15, but police continue to investigate the disappearance of her mother, Susan Kuplu-Irqittuq.

Kuplu-Irqittuq and her daughter Lennese are from Igloolik originally, but both are now living in Ottawa. (Mother and daughter spell their surnames differently in English.)

Friends of Kuplu-Irqittuq said the last time she was seen was last Friday morning, Jan. 11, on her way to an appointment by bus.

Her daughter Lennese reportedly left town the following day, Jan. 12. Friends say she boarded a bus headed to Toronto with her ex-boyfriend, a man named Dwight Brown.

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Police did not comment on where Kublu was located Jan.15.

It’s unclear if Kuplu-Irqittuq has had any contact with her daughter since Jan. 11.

“Ottawa police are looking to speak to both women to ensure their safety,” said OPS spokesperson Chuck Benoit said Jan. 15.

The Ottawa Police Missing Persons Unit can be reached at 613-236-1222 ext. 2355.

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(5) Comments:

  1. Posted by Igloolikmiutaq on

    Guutii tuksiaqpunga ilingnu, uvannu ajurama.
    Mamiappunga tammaqattarninnu, tammaqattaqtakkalu ilingnu tunivakka isumagijunniirviuqullunga.
    Taakkuakuluuk nunaqqatikka ilingnu tasiuqtauqugivakka, ajunnginnitmi qaujimanirmi pisimaqullugik.
    Igvituattiaq maanna qaujimagavi qanuinninginni, tasiukululaukki.
    Irnituavit Jiisusiup atingagu tuksiaqpunga, Amen. <3

  2. Posted by Inuuqatik on

    I am deeply saddened that, the mother is missing, but why leave Ottawa when your Mother is missing, ?, I hope she is still in good hands, prayers to the Mother to be found safely.

    Father’s prayers, Amen

    • Posted by Lucie Ittuutaaluk Tapardjuk on

      Lucie here from Iglulik:
      My thoughts are with the immediate family and her other relatives and all of the Iglulik people who are with them in spirit. God will keep her safe and protect her from unexpected surroundings around her. Keep her safe and bring her home, I pray God!


    • Posted by Lucie Ittuutaaluk Tapardjuk on

      My thoughts are with her immediate family and her other relatives. God keep her safe from harm. Protect her also and send her home safely to her bereaved family, We of Iglulik are praying for her safe return. I pray to you dear God! Amen

  3. Posted by Oleekie on

    Hope and prayers to all her immediate family and qiturngakulungit nalligivatchi ❤

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