Pangnirtung, Greenland musicians ready for Pique performance

Multimedia arts festival June 11 in Ottawa will feature Qattuu, Uyarakq

Nunavut’s Qattuu (left) and Greenland’s Uyarakq are two Inuit artists who will perform at the Pique arts and music festival in Ottawa on June 11. (Photos from Instagram/Twitter)

By Nunatsiaq News

Two Inuit artists from Nunavut and Greenland are on the bill to perform at the summer edition of the Pique arts festival in Ottawa.

The Pique multimedia art and music festival began in 2021 and recently hosted a spring edition in March.

This summer’s events will take place June 11 at the Arts Court in downtown Ottawa and will feature more than a dozen live performances and art installations, both indoors and outdoors.

Ottawa-born, Pangnirtung-raised throat singer and vocalist Qattuu and hip-hop artist and DJ Uyarakq of Nuuk, Greenland will perform at the festival.

Qattuu is best known for her work with the Juno-nominated group Silla and Rise and is now pursuing work as a solo artist.

Uyarakq, known also as Aqqalu Berthelsen, is a self-taught producer, composer and DJ who was nominated for a 2016 Nordic Council Music Prize in 2016 alongside Greenlandic rapper Peand-eL for their album Kunngiitsuuffik.

Other performers will include Bagowji, Bucko Art Machine and Sami-Finnish artist Sunna Maaret. Works from Cambridge Bay artist Aedan Corey will also be on display.

Entry to the festival is free between 2 and 5 p.m., then will switch to a pay-what-you-can entry free until 2 a.m. on the following day.


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    Uyarakq is a great example of an individual that confuses status in one field with skill in another; while he is outspoken politically, much of what he says betrays an illusion of seriousness and depth that dissipates like vapor upon the slightest inspection.


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