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In honour of those who left us in 2004



* Graham Rowley, 91, who first traveled by dog team in the eastern Arctic during the late 1930s, died on New Year’s Day 2003 in Ottawa. Rowley, who knew many of the now-legendary figures of Igloolik’s recent history, such as Ittusardjuat and Attagotaaluk.
* Pee Korgak, 40, who was fatally assaulted Jan. 9 at his home, apartment unit 305C, in Iqaluit.
* Joan Arngnanaaq of Baker Lake, who was found by a search party on Jan. 29 near a cabin 25 kilometres east of the community. Arngnanaaq, 39, had been missing since Dec. 2, when she went hunting alone.
* Steven Nowdluk, a young Pangnirtung man, who died after two avalanches tumble down a slope near Cumberland Sound where he and three fishing companions are camping.


* Pangnirtung elder Martha Manniapik, who was born Feb. 2, 1931 passed away on Jan. 22.


* Rhoda Maghagak, 49, who was found dead in her home in mid-March in Cambridge Bay. No one has been charged yet in connection with her killing.


* Leanne Irkotee, 22, who died at the Rankin Inlet health centre. A Rankin Inlet man, Adrien VanEindhoven, faces a second-degree murder charge in connection with her death.


* Mary Deschenes, 44, of Iqaluit, who was found dead in her house on May 26.
* Peter Bentley, 54, a devoted family man, long-time resident of Nunavik and respected educator, who died on May 28.


* Andrea Napayok Ferguson, who passed away in hospital after she was hit by a car while crossing a street in Winnipeg
* Sylvia Lyall Ritchie, 41, who was found dead in her downtown Iqaluit apartment on June 22. Pat Anablack, 50, faces a first-degree murder in connection with her death.


* Muati Qitsualik, a respected translator and interpreter, who died in Ottawa.


* Rose Ruth Kaitak a 15-month- old baby girl from Salluit who was shot dead as she lay fast asleep in her crib. Shortly after the incident police arrested her brother, Nulukie Kaitak, 19.
* Lucassie Echalook, a 45, from Inukjuaq, who was run over by a 14-year-old boy driving an ATV.
* Johnny Aloupa, 31, whose ravaged body was found near the Kuujjuaq Inn, three weeks after he had last been seen, during the Aqpik Jam.


* Matthias Awa, a beloved Pond Inlet elder, who passed away peacefully on Oct. 9 at the civic hospital in Ottawa. He was 83, according to government records.
* Goola Nakashook, a respected hunter and Iqaluit city councillor, who died of cancer.
* Sam and Lena Kikpak, elders from Kugluktuk who were found dead in a lake near their community after their snowmobile crashed through the ice. Sam Kikpak was an Anglican minister.
* Alacie Moses, 20, who died of stab wounds at the Inuulitsivik hospital in Puvirnituq. Her boyfriend was later arrested in connection with her death.
* Respected hunters, Kakasie Mitsima, 43, and Charlie Pee Sagiatok, 40, who died when returning by boat to Iqaluit after a hunting trip.


* Jack Bhanwer, 47, a helicopter pilot who died near Shepherd’s Bay, about a three-hour snowmobile ride south of Taloyoak, when his Bell-212 helicopter crashed.
* Charlie Ekomiak, 19, of Chisasibi, who was stabbed to death in a seamy quarter of downtown Montreal.


* Lucy Meeko, who was a well-known carver, and her husband, Noah Meeko, a member of the community’s justice committee, perished in a tragic fire in Kuujjuaraapik.

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