Pauktuutit announces new board members

President Gerri Sharpe re-elected for second term

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada has announced six new members have joined its board of directors, including representatives for Nunavik, Qikiqtani South and Kitikmeot. (Image courtesy of Pauktuutit)

By Nunatsiaq News

National Inuit women’s organization Pauktuutit has announced six new members for its board of directors, including representatives for Nunavik, Qikiqtani South and Kitikmeot regions.

The new members were elected at Pauktuutit’s annual general meeting in February, spokesperson Catherine Whittaker announced Monday.

They are Sara Idlout representing Nunavik, Hudson; Lois (Looee) Mike representing Qikiqtani South; and Josephine Tucktoo representing Kitikmeot.

Also Catherine Mitsuk representing Happy Valley-Goose Bay; Kourtney Wolkie representing Inuvialuit; and Lillian Lundrigan as the Urban, South-West representative.

Returning members include re-elected president Gerri Sharpe, representing Yellowknife, vice-president Nancy Etok from Nunavik-Ungava, and secretary-treasurer Charlotte Wolfrey from Nunatsiavut.

Others returning are Martha Flaherty as the Urban, South-East representative; Paige Kimiksana-Kreps as the Urban, Youth representative; and Esther Aglukark-Powell representing Kivalliq.

Outgoing board members include Malaya Zehr, who served as secretary-treasurer; Nancy Mike from Iqaluit; Brenda Epoo from Nunavik, Hudson; Alyssa Carpenter as a youth representative of Inuit Nunangat; and Geela Manniapik from Qikiqtani South.


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  1. Posted by voter on

    change is good and it is vital. It is also excellent for the overlaps occurring with members. all bylaws reflect this so others can share their visions. congrats to the new strong board.

  2. Posted by Not a robot on

    Interesting that this organization has not released an annual report since 2021. Reading it doesn’t cast much light on what it accomplishes, unless you consider the formation of councils, committees and little sub-groups that ‘advise’ and ‘engage’ and ‘leverage’ as tangible action. Granted, writing visually impressive reports that dazzle with the most fashionable verbiage is no simple task, no wonder it takes years.

    • Posted by Give Credit Where Credit Is Due on

      Ah, don’t go thinking they make those visually impressive reports. They hire outside firms to make those dazzling reports.


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