PETA prefers whaling


IQALUIT — The new head of Britain’s leading animal-rights group says she’d rather that people eat whales than fish.

Dawn Carr, who earlier this month became the coordinator of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, doesn’t like whaling, but she said at least it involves killing fewer creatures than does fishing.

“A whale swims free for most of its life,” Carr told the National Post in a recent interview. “It can feed hundreds, so less fish have to die. We have our priorities wrong. Carnivores and fish eaters are responsible for far more deaths than a Japanese whaler.”

Under Carr’s leadership, PETA has begun a campaign to halt fishing in Britain — a practice she calls “fish torture by lip-rippers.” The campaign includes posters showing a dog being hooked in the lip.

“Imagine reaching for an ice cream in a supermarket and suddenly having your hand impaled by a metal hook that drags you underwater so you can’t breathe,” Carr said. “That’s what fish experience in reverse.”

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