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Planning a holiday?


It’s official: in July, Nunavik will be headlining this year’s Saami festival of indigenous and circumpolar music and culture in Manndalen, north of Tromsø, Norway.

According to the festival’s website at, “in response to a special invitation from the Saami of Norway, a delegation of Inuit artists and cultural representatives from Nunavik (Arctic Quebec) will participate at the Riddu Riddu Festivála from July 14 – 17, 2004. The 13th annual Riddu Riddu Festivála will take place at the Ája – Sámi Centre in the Saami village of Manndalen (Olmmáivaggi) in the Gáivuotna/Kåfjord municipality in northern Norway.”

Highlights from the Nunavik program include daily musical performances by throatsingers, contemporary music with Taima on July 15 and 16, a performance by Edward Snowball’s Sinuupa, as well as a fine arts workshop with carving, printmaking and doll-making.

July 17 is The Day of Nunavik Inuit, packed with activities jointly presented by the Avataq Cultural Institute and Makivik Corporation. This day will showcase Nunavik culture through demonstrations, performances, a fashion show and a feast.

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