Police seize cocaine, crack in Kuujjuaq drug bust

27-year-old man faces drug trafficking charge following search of a house on Jan. 20

Nunavik police arrested a 27-year-old man in a Jan. 20 drug bust in Kuujjuaq. (File photo by Jeff Pelletier)

By Jeff Pelletier - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

A 27-year-old man has been charged after cocaine and crack were seized in a Jan. 20 drug bust in Kuujjuaq, police say.

Regional and provincial police officers carried out a search on a house in the community last Friday, according to a news release Wednesday from Nunavik Police Service.

“This operation resulted in the seizure of more than 100 grams of cocaine and 10 grams of crack,” the release indicated.

Police also confiscated $1,200 in cash, and cellphones.

The suspect, identified as a former Kangiqsualujjuaq resident now living in Kuujjuaq, was arrested and charged with possession for the purposes of trafficking cocaine.

He has since been released from custody with conditions, Capt. Patrice Abel of the Nunavik Police Service told Nunatsiaq News.

This suspect is not believed to be part of another drug bust operation that occurred in Kuujjuaq the day before, according to Abel.

In the previous day’s incident, two men were arrested and charged through a police operation targeting drug smuggling from outside of Nunavik.

Nunavik police say the public can submit anonymous tips about drug trafficking and bootlegging at ti**@nu***********.ca.


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(10) Comments:

  1. Posted by 867 on

    Too many drugs in Fort Chimo. Wonder if its southerners bringing them up?

  2. Posted by Agaguk on

    Drug connections are made in Dorval …you know ,,,the bar near the mall !

    • Posted by been there too. on

      Yeah. that bar near the mall in dorval is also a heaven for cheaters. right J. Etook !!

  3. Posted by Get this person out of town on

    Get this person on the next flight out of town
    Its bad when outsiders sell drugs and harm the community, but when Inuit hurt their own people, just very sad-plain and simple.
    I read on your voice on nunavik issues that it was the southern people selling hard drugs, i never imagined Inuit would go against their own

    So Sad!

    • Posted by From What I Can See on

      …Inuit taking advantage of Inuit is very much the norm.

      • Posted by Nunavimmiuq on

        Yes, they even asks to be paid for getting water. Individual to individual

  4. Posted by Doesn’t Kuujjuaq have enough problems as it is?! on

    Look at our Elders deeply suffering dealing with crisis at their homes, they are heavily now victimised by their grandchildren or their own children, when they are suppose to be resting well, and getting feed by their children.

    Their only little money are used by buying booze and drugs, some are living in fear, or being scared at their homes, when they are the ones that needs a biggest support, they are mostly paying their house rent and buying very little food because monthly pension are not even enough to buy food.

    This has been going on for years, it is time to wake up and change your damn addictions. Sujualuulirqungaa lavallialauritsituq! what am I doing, I need to wake up! If it wasn’t from your Grandparents, you wouldn’t be living!

  5. Posted by The culture is gone with the wind on

    Rocket science not needed to figure out that drugs are coming from the south. Drugs like every other bit of material comes from the south, like yes , it’s not coming down from up the coast or across some bay. That being said, to blame people from the south, gets only partial benefits. Inuit, yes Inuit, are pushing the drugs as well, and in most circumstances Inuit, yes Inuit are the main pushers. Let’s own this Nunavik problem, and deal with it from within. Let’s also deal with why Inuit need to have drugs, hard drugs. There’s very little life left in Inuit culture today. There’s no community untouched by greed and drugs, yes greed and drugs, they go together so well in every Nunavik community. There’s no respect to elders, no respect to anyone. People are only barely existing. They , those in deep, they don’t know anything about living life, they exist only. They , yes the low life’s are taking away Inuit culture , and making Inuit be a passed, gone people. I say to all Inuit, let’s stop this threat to the Inuit future , let’s join together and join the forces against drugs in our communities. Turn in anyone, yes anyone, who’s a threaten to our lives.

  6. Posted by Kuujj on

    What ever happened to the bust of over 2000 pills in Kuujjuaq? There was the news article without names then dissapeared? Hmm

  7. Posted by Name names on

    I think it’s high time NAMES are named in order to deal with all these dysfunctions in the northern communities

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