Jamie Flaherty, who is assisting, the Iqaluit Elders Society also known as Pairijiit Tigummiaqtikkut, said he is happy that zoning amendments are being made so an elders’ housing project can be built. (Photo by David Lochead)

Proposed elders’ residence gets rezoning green light from council

Iqaluit Elders Society project will provide housing for retired Iqalummiut

By David Lochead

Plans to build an elders’ residence in Iqaluit have taken another step forward.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting, councillors approved a zoning bylaw amendment needed for the planned four-storey structure to proceed.

“I’m very happy,” said Jamie Flaherty, who is assisting the Iqaluit Elders Society on the residence.

“I know that it’s needed.”

The project is being proposed by Pairijiit Tigummiaqtikkut, also known as the Iqaluit Elders Society. It wants to create housing for elders to live in so they can stay in Iqaluit as they age instead of having to move outside the territory.

The proposed residence would be located beside DJ’s Convenience Store in the 300s area of the city.

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The residence will be for Iqalummiut who want to stay in Iqaluit after they retire but who will not have housing once they leave their jobs.

It will include a cafeteria and more than 40 units with sewing rooms, medical clinic and a daycare, Flaherty said.

Anne Crawford, a lawyer and representative for Pairijiit Tigummiaqtikk, thanked the city for working with the group to ensure the project met bylaw requirements.

The zoning change addressed areas such as the height of the building and space allowed for parking. It allows for the creation of seniors’ housing, with some commercial space included.

“The main goal is for older people to be in a safe, welcoming and social place,” Crawford said.

The bylaw amendment must still pass a review by the Government of Nunavut’s Community and Government Services Department.


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(5) Comments:

  1. Posted by The Easy Part……. on

    So many questions on this project: Do they possess the funds to construct this? If the elders fail to pay their rent, will they face eviction? Is this property being leased out for housing purposes? There are numerous queries to consider. Perhaps investigative journalism should delve deeper, beyond just the zoning, which might be the simplest aspect of this endeavor….

    • Posted by Anne Crawford on

      Zoning is an important step – and the support of the City is welcome. But “Easy” is right, there is still work to be done to get this project in place. Yes, there multiple millions committed to the project, but there is still funding applied for and outstanding. On the other hand, without land and zoning, funders would not support the project, so this is an essential and positive move.

      Every journey begins with putting one foot in front of the other. These few zoning steps are part of that work.

  2. Posted by Interested on

    Who will be the owner / manager?
    Will it be condos?
    Are they selling shares in the project?
    When will it open?
    How much will apartments cost to buy or rent?
    Whom do we contact to make reservations or purchase?

    • Posted by kiinauyaq on

      agreed and to note funds in the community if they are not Inuit or if Inuit are the majority.

  3. Posted by North North on

    All this is definitely needed. How many Inuit on staff? How many on the board? Numbers and type of Northern contractors to see who benefits. Transparency. Thank you this is long overdue and those sent away can return.

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