PSAC strike enters second week

Union wants Trudeau to intervene; government calls union demands ‘unaffordable’

About two dozen striking federal government workers picket in Iqaluit Wednesday as the Public Service Alliance of Canada’s national strike entered its second week. In Ottawa, PSAC president Chris Aylward called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to get involved in the negotiations for a new contract for federal government workers. PSAC wants a 13.5 per cent wage increase over three years for its 155,000 members, among other conditions such as work-from-home legislation. The government has offered nine per cent over three years. Earlier in the day, the government called the union’s demands “unaffordable.” Striking workers will continue to receive their regular pay until May 10 because they are paid two weeks in arrears, according to a Globe and Mail report on Wednesday. (Photo by David Lochead)

By Nunatsiaq News

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(4) Comments:

  1. Posted by Spending Spree on

    Amazing the Liberals have finally found something “unaffordable.”

  2. Posted by Really on

    So they want Justin to get involved. Someone who just gave himself a 10k raise. The cost of living keeps rising. Power, water, fuel, gas and groceries are increasing.
    Good on them for demanding fare wages.

  3. Posted by Mit on

    Unions ain’t much different than welfare recipients. They both want to get paid top dollar for doing absolutely nothing.

    • Posted by anon on

      So I guess you’ll never need to file taxes, get a PAL, apply for EI, apply for Canada Pension, get a passport, have your food inspected, have your border security maintained, check the weather, have your community programs funded, have your community’s water treatment plant rebuilt, get on a well maintained airplane, find out about flood hazards, etc etc etc.

      All of those are either performed by federal public servants or are in industries overseen by federal regulations.


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