Quiet three-way race for mayor’s job in Naujaat

Incumbent faces 2 challengers; candidates in all other races were acclaimed

Three candidates are running for mayor in Naujaat. (File photo by David Venn)

By Jeff Pelletier - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Leading up to Nunavut’s Oct. 23 municipal elections, Nunatsiaq News is publishing snapshots of races in the territory’s 25 communities.

It’s a quiet race for mayor in Naujaat, where none of the three candidates in the Oct. 23 municipal election responded to Nunatsiaq News’ requests for information on their campaigns.

In the community of 1,225, located in the Kivalliq region, a trio of candidates is running for mayor: incumbent Alan Robinson and challengers Kevin Tegumiar, and Joseph Sivanertok.

Reached by phone at Naujaat’s hamlet office, Robinson said he was busy and to call back later before hanging up. Despite several other attempts to reach Robinson at the hamlet office, he did not respond.

The other two candidates were reachable on social media.

Tegumiar asked for a deadline, but did not respond in time for this story’s publication.

Sivanertok did respond but said he’s only taking questions from people in Naujaat.

All the candidates in Naujaat’s other municipal races have been acclaimed.

The six people who will serve on council are Peter Mannik, John Goss, Steve Mapsalak, Levi Katokra, Rosie Kopak and Michel Akkuardjuk.

On the community’s District Education Authority, the four acclaimed members are James Jimmy Immingark, Martha Iguptak, John Goss and Kwong W. Leong.

Only a pair of candidates put their names in for the community’s alcohol education committee, which is responsible for controlling the sale of alcohol and limiting its negative effects in the community.

Those members are Irene Katokra and John Goss.


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  1. Posted by bob on

    “Quiet” cuz they didn’t answer your calls? Get over yourself Jeff.

  2. Posted by Municipal Functions Broken System to Skunks works! on

    We hope to see changes in small Municipalities where personal day-to-day operations become a little more lean upon i.e. honorarium, family matters, house-hold couples (elected just to gather info./ pay cheque to pay cheque, no sense of voice to push infrastructure’s forward to assist community forward, groupies, best buddy handshakes to seek employment regardless of person hired without qualification background etc. lists goes on to crooked admin’s or elected councillors!

    This is situation in Nunavut where CG&S should step-in to provide Training on HOW to be functional elected Councillors or Mayor! but NO this is certainly not the case! What do you think!?!


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