Quttinirpaaq management plan clarified


We were pleased to see the extensive coverage of the Quttinirpaaq National Park management planning process in the Nunatsiaq News of Oct. 29.
We would like to clarify a few points:

The management planning process is a collaborative action of the Quttinirpaaq Joint Park Management Committee and Parks Canada. It is not solely a process run by Parks Canada officials;
There are six members of the Quttinirpaaq Joint Park Management Committee: five Inuit and one non-Inuk.;
The ban on fishing in Lake Hazen was a carefully considered decision recommended by the committee;
The wildlife survey that counted 26 caribou this summer is run every two years. The actual counts are used to estimate total population of the park areas.
We are looking forward to working together to complete the first management plan for a national park in Nunavut.

Joadamie Amagoalik
Chair, Joint Park Management Committee

Elizabeth Seale
Superintendent, Parks Canada Nunavut

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