Rankin Inlet beer and wine store temporarily changes hours

GN cites staff shortages for shortened hours, to remain in effect until Sept. 17

Rankin Inlet’s beer and wine store is changing its hours temporarily, due to staff shortages. (File photo)

Rankin Inlet’s beer and wine store is changing its hours temporarily, due to staff shortages. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Rankin Inlet’s beer and wine store is temporarily changing its hours of operation.

A Government of Nunavut statement announced the change on Wednesday.

The Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission store will be open Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The new hours went into effect Wednesday and will be in place until Sept. 17, the statement said.

The government says the change is the result of staff shortages.

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(29) Comments:

  1. Posted by 867 on

    They should just put in a beer and wine vending machine and there u go staffing problem solved 😆👌

  2. Posted by 10/4 on

    Just close it.

    Look what it’s doing to our community.
    If you can’t see it your blind.

    And only for A few dollars come on GN get it together.

    • Posted by John K on

      Was no one in Rankin drinking before the store?

      That was rhetorical sarcasm. Of course they were.

      As long as we blame the drink instead of the drinkers we aren’t going to solve our booze problem. This virtue signaling only serves to enrich bootleggers.

    • Posted by Umingmak on

      Closing the store will not solve any problems. If anything, it will make things worse by empowering the bootleggers and moving the bulk of alcohol consumption to hard alcohol.

      Long-time liquor restrictions are the primary reason for the alcohol issues in Nunavut. Look at the communities that have had unrestricted alcohol for many years, and you’ll notice that the problems aren’t nearly as bad. Those with prohibition are the absolute worst for alcoholism, from my experience. In Gjoa Haven, people are paying $200-300 for a mickey.

      • Posted by John K on

        We make it taboo thinking that we can shame people into compliance but all we end up doing is ensuring that our next generation NEVER gets to see examples of responsible drinking. Then they just emulate the dangerous binge drinking that our restrictions have exposed them to.

        • Posted by Revenue For Rehab on

          I know it’s wishful thinking, but the taxes on alcohol can also be used to fund rehabilitation clinics, whereas bootleggers don’t use their funds for any greater good.

    • Posted by Eskimo Fan on

      Freedom of choice and the Canadian Constitution and expression is void.
      “You Have to Think like US!! ….or else.”

  3. Posted by BW store best thing for Rankin on

    Wah Wah Wah, the same 20 people continue to whine (pun intended) as loud as possible about the BW store. SHUT UP lol. The B&W store is fantastic. Rather then reducing hours during the day and keeping it open in the evening like normal gives me an excuse to leave my GN office during the day to go shopping rather then wait till after work, and the GN is obviously condoning it because of the hours they are imposing 🙂
    It’s time to open a full liquor store, like the rights of ever other Canadian. Hell there is a news article today about a plebiscite in Gjoa Haven about easing restrictions… Bet it passes :).

  4. Posted by James on

    Come to think of it. 5% of the population is creating 95% of the problems in Rankin Inlet.

    There is approximately 1500 voters in Rankin Inlet or legal drinkers meaning there are about 75 people creating the problems.

    Closing the B&W will punish the 95% of people who do not cause any problems.

    Banning the 5% from the B&W won’t do anything as they will just get one of their buddies to go or they will buy bootlegged of the streets.

    Closing the B&W will not solve any of the problems in Rankin Inlet. Community organizations have to come together and figure out a plan how to address the 75 or so people who are creating the majority of the problems.

  5. Posted by petition on

    Someone needs to sit at the arena and start a petition to increase the hours and to increase the inventory. Maybe this will give news stories about keeping it open rather then focusing ONLY on the negative things 20 people have against it. Start a petition to KEEP IT OPEN! All we hear from these days are the handful of the same individuals who cant control themselves and blame it on the B&W store. If the GN in anyway listens to these people then they are not listening to the majority of the population (WHO VOTED 60+%) who do NOT want reduced hours, who do NOT want reduced inventory, who do NOT want reduced quantities, and who definitely do NOT want to shut it down.
    I didn’t see any news articles a few weeks back when it was suggested northern stop selling ATV’s or that the Hamlet stop Bingo’s, is the newspaper only showing certain issues and stories? lol this is being sarcastic.

    • Posted by know what your talking about on

      Hey “petition”. I Know what your talking about. My aunt spend all her pay on Bingo and Putuk and can’t control herself. Her kids suffer, police are called and social services gets involved, but the Hamlet and GN won’t make stricter rules and reduce the amount of Bingo’s in the community. I think because she can’t control herself from being a person with problems and self control issues that we should shut down all gamboling in the community and start prohibition on this.
      The funny (not) thing is that even though everyone will laugh at this post it is probably a more serious issue then even the drinking and probably causes more hurt then alcohol on a wider scale. I’ve seen people outside the lineup at foodbank on a Wednesday and then spend $1,000 at Bingo on a Friday. Is the public saying that that is okay but the B&W store is bad? Why is it that 1 issue gets WAY-WAY more public press. It’s because the 75 people with issues about the B&W store yell the loudest, nothing else.

      • Posted by James on

        I heard someone got a loan to pay for their daughters wedding and the wife ended up blowing the entire loan on on-line slots in a few days while the husband was out hunting.

        Licensed bingo’s run though municipalities, unlicensed bingos run on FB, on-line slots, pull tickets, etc. gambling additions hurt families just as much as drug and alcohol addictions.

        We cannot outright ban gambling as people will still access on-line slots, people are going to gamble anyway no matter what. Gambling is not the problem nor is alcohol, or the drugs. The people are, the people who are abusing these addictive hobbies to get their fix, their highs need help.

        The brain release dopamine, a feel good neurotransmitter when gambling, drinking or doing drugs and this is chemical release is very addictive and those with no self control end up abusing their hobby of choice weather gambling, drinking, drugs, sex, etc.

        We are a community need to do our best to recognize and help these indiviual people out as their kids end up friends with our kids and there is a negative trickle down effect in our communities. We as a community need to work together to create stronger healthier communities.

    • Posted by John K on

      A friend of mine bought so many raffle tickets at work trying to win a half-day off that he spent more than what a half-day of LWOP would have cost him …

  6. Posted by Tooma on

    They are getting all the stuff, finance management main office, mines, now to start surrounding communities to order from Rankin. Most likely gn spends most of that going into those communities.
    Inuit are not weak, if they start spreading that to surrounding communities remember Inuit are not weak like those with stores.

    • Posted by Polique on

      “Remember Inuit are not weak like those with stores.”

      Napoleon said something similar about the British, a nation of shopkeepers. But the shopkeepers got him in the end.

  7. Posted by Fud on

    We live in small towns. We all know how the bootleggers are.

    The RCMP just have to do there jobs..

    Close it.

    Open your eyes. Just look around.

  8. Posted by Temporary closure on

    Can you temporarily close too? While the GN builds a treatment healing centre sometime in the distant future for Rankin, the cart before the horse just doesn’t work GN.
    The alcoholics can order their booze. Too many functioning alcoholic that are vocal about making it easier to buy alcohol instead of facing the problems and issues of the community.

    • Posted by John K on

      “Too many functioning alcoholic that are vocal about making it easier to buy alcohol instead of facing the problems and issues of the community”

      It’s ironic that you say this while trying to blame a bottle for all your problems.

      • Posted by Tony on

        Yes let’s just keep ignoring all the increases in crime, violence, drinking and driving, abuse and murder.
        Since it opened it all has increased significantly. Hard to ignore all that but hey, it’s easier to get alcohol. That’s the bottom line right? Lol

        • Posted by John K on

          “Yes let’s just keep ignoring all the increases in crime, violence, drinking and driving, abuse and murder.”

          This is exactly what you’re doing. Your misguided insistence on blaming alcohol for all of our problems is lazy at best. Counter-productive at worst.

          Crime existed prior to the beer store.

          • Posted by Tony on

            No one is saying there was no crime before, let me try and make this easier for you to understand, we have a lot of social issues here, we need mental health programs, treatment centres, healing facilities, instead our government opens a beer and wine store to make it easier for you to buy your alcohol and unfortunately this has created even more social problems, the RCMP collects data on the increased crime rates, take a look. A huge spike since the beer and wine store opened.
            This does not help anything by opening a beer and wine store, what it does is add fuel to the fire.
            Instead of addressing all the social problems the government is adding to the issues with the beer and wine store,
            We know you like having the beer and wine store for yourself but try and look at the bigger picture. This has not been good for the communities.
            I think you are the one being lazy here and just wanting an easier way to get your alcohol, plain and simple.

            • Posted by John K on

              Never been an issue. I don’t drink outside of social gatherings and I haven’t been drunk in 15 years.

              I’d look at that data.

              • Posted by Tony on

                Good for you, but try looking at the community as a whole, might open your eyes.

  9. Posted by October- Rankin Inlet on

    There is no need for a petition; the Resident’s of Rankin Inlet voted for a B & W. The real reason the hours are cut short is because the middle management is on his “high horse” and “power tripping”, he really doesn’t know how to manage a great team at the B & W Store. Most of the staff is leaving because of him.

  10. Posted by Northerner on

    I never hear anything bad about weed. You guys need a fix? You guys are ranting about a b&w and bingos for nothing. You guys don’t know what you guys are talking about. Smoke weed. Drink beer. Enjoy life.

  11. Posted by Glad I don’t drink on

    Must be staff shortages because bootleggers are making more than the staffers. Glad I don’t drink beer wine or any alcohol, where I’m from our community is restricted but during early summer they go get some by boat and sell’em way expensive than the store I’ve noticed some greedy buying for 1500 66oz that’s too much who would want to buy for that amount of anger problem creator. Liquor is just an problem maker breaker, if you think you’re a responsible drinker I don’t think you are liquor is not for fun you won’t get any happiness while you’re on liquor some kind of evil just controlling your body like when they’re blacked out the evil comes into your body and start controlling you it’s no good come on ppl wake up you proud wanna be party wanna bee’s have some kush party instead. Demolish the damn liquor store. Vote ppl who don’t drink get the MLA out that drink liquor damn you light stone you’re just creating problems what a “Maligaliuqti” we they have now a days guess I’m just making nonsense now just close the Damn liquors and open up cannabis store and puff it away eh puff puff problem go away and burn out instead of black out. Eh

  12. Posted by Pissed on

    This problemis bigger then the root of the real issue. Mental health issues..joblessness and rampant crowded housing. The people opposing the store hours opening less hours are and I am safe to say are working own homes and are social drinkers. They have no idea what struggling is. You own brand new 50,000 vehicles and have cozy jobs. Of course you’ll blame people who cause 5% of the gamblers the ones who can’t drink Responsibly. The elite will blame the weak but not offer solutions.
    A healthy environment and a safe home breeds Boundaries and self confidence. In a home that never saw that where alcohol is consumed at large amounts and is present from infancy a child will think its normal and continue the cycle where they aren’t taught life skills.
    See the picture now ?
    You aren’t lining up at the food bank because you don’t experience food insecurity…instead you paint and assume everyone has gambling problems. Well it is also safe to say organizations like hockey groups like racing groups etc raise funds 🙌 maybe we should close down bingos to once a month. Maybe close down hockey tournaments and racing..you get the picture? Instead of blaming why not petition for a rehab center…these self righteous comments coming from.most of you make me sick to.my stomach.

  13. Posted by Eskimos Fan on

    Stick to pot and munchies.
    ♥️ Peace and Love 😎

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