Rankin Inlet to bar unvaccinated people from municipal buildings

Proof-of-vaccination bylaw takes effect next week

As of Nov. 30, people in Rankin Inlet will need to show proof of vaccination to enter municipal buildings, and attend events such as weddings and church services. (File photo)

By Special to Nunatsiaq News

People in Rankin Inlet who do not have two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine will soon be barred from entering municipal buildings and participating in events such as weddings or worship services.

Rankin Inlet’s new bylaw takes effect Nov. 30.

Council passed the ordinance on Oct. 25.

It applies to bingo, lottery events, sports activities, all gatherings, feasts, community games, and all public meetings, the bylaw states.

It also includes other events, such as weddings, parties, funerals, worship activities, etc., regardless of whether the event is a hamlet-sponsored or third-party-sponsored event. 

The bylaw does make a couple of exceptions. People who have not been vaccinated can enter municipal buildings to pay fees and apply for permits or programs. 

The other exception is if “unvaccinated persons” are entering a municipal building to attend a vaccination clinic.

People without their vaccines, who think they should get access to a municipal building, can make a request in writing to the hamlet’s senior administrative officer, the bylaw states.

For example, the bylaw said if someone has a medical reason that prevents them from getting a vaccine, or if someone feels discriminated under the Nunavut Human Rights Act, they can petition the SAO. 

Penalties for violating the bylaw range from $250 for a first offence to $2,250 after the third offence.

The bylaw will be in place until the Government of Nunavut declares the public emergency due to COVID-19 to be over, or council repeals it.

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(34) Comments:

  1. Posted by Confused on

    Looks like the Hamlet is forcing to get the people vaccinated, might as well say a 3rd dose if You want only the fully vaccinated 🙁

  2. Posted by Manapik on

    It’s just one of those imported people from below north of 60 still trying to cling on to their superior ideology. I urge the parents of minor hockey player to boycott hockey arena as most of those registered for hockey are not vaccinated

    • Posted by S on

      Manapik, you might be right, but doesn’t change the fact that your local hamlet councillors proposed and passed the authoritarian, covidmania bylaws

  3. Posted by Orpo Joe on

    The local Ordnungspolizei hard at work! Keeping the unclean from mingling with the vaccinated. Awful lot of ambulance sirens and medivacs lately, huh? Seems like cold and flu season has become heart attack and clot season.

    • Posted by Get Help on

      Nazis herded up innocent people into death camps and executed millions, based solely on something the victims could not control. Anti-vaxxers are being prevented from attending hockey games and restaurants because of their choice to believe Facebook conspiracies and YouTube “research”, instead of the vast majority of healthcare professionals and scientists. Comparing the two is an insult to the victims of the Holocaust & those who fought the Nazis, and an affront to common sense. Get help with your mental health issues. Then get vaccinated.

  4. Posted by Tangy on

    I bet they will still be required to wear a mask in those buildings.

  5. Posted by Tagak Curley on

    Interesting it appeared to be overarching by law. It’s much toucher than Nunavut government’s emergency measures that have been extended over and over for the last couple of years.
    How will it be enforce at all those municipal places including amongst many, the places of worship, and how much extra compliance offcers will local hamlet hire make it work.

    • Posted by umm on

      As a former politician and someone who is active in the church, you should know that ‘places of worship’ are not municipal buildings.

      • Posted by Late Learner on

        I think the reference to municipal buildings means all the public buildings within the municipality of Rankin Inlet. Most weddings and funerals occur in churches. If you read the news item it specifies those activities plus worship (that usually occurs in churches as well $whether or not those activities are sponsored by the hamlet.

  6. Posted by Nunavutmiut on

    Vaccine mandate means that if you don’t, businesses, schools, and others can legally stop you from entering the building or using their services if they choose to.

    Canada immunization Act says that immunization is not mandatory in canada; it cannot be made mandatory because of the Canadian Constitution.

    Under the Nunavut Human Rights Act anyone who feels they have been treated unequally based on the prohibited grounds can make a complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal. For example the Act does not allow discrimination when people are:

    accessing goods, services, facilities or contracts that are available to the general public;

    Unvaccinated people are not treated equally as vaccinated. Meaning proof of vaccination is not allowed

    • Posted by Nunavummiutajunga on

      It is not mandatory to get the vaccine, however the vaccine has been effective to protect from the virus, meaning it could save lives. If people feel their Human Rights are being violated, perhaps folks that have littles one below the age of 5 are feeling threatened by the unvaccinated folks. Can they file to the Human Rights Commission because their ability to raise their babies in safe environment are being threatened!

    • Posted by lulz on

      There is nothing in the constitution preventing the government from requiring vaccination during a pandemic.

    • Posted by Candace on

      There is no such thing as the Canada Immunization Act. Nice try though. Immunization falls within the provinces and territories’ jurisdiction over health care.

    • Posted by Observer on

      There is nothing in the Charter which requires you be given access to a hockey game.

      Also, there’s nothing in the Charter which protects people who are choosing to risk the lives of others from the consequences of said choice. Because, honestly, the rest of us are tired of coddling your “ME! ME! ME!” childish behaviour.

  7. Posted by monty sling on

    There are to many selfish people who don’t mind infecting others for their own needs and wants. Meanwhile the majority of Canadians have complied with national order to get vaccinated across the country. Sometimes you just have to trust the science, in this case life saving vaccine, it’s not going to turn you into monkeys as some people have though, nor will you become mutants…muuh some people…yeah bar them from municipal buildings, this should become norm across Nunavut. Let the majority rule as it should.

  8. Posted by Qavvigarjuk on

    Vaccines are safe folks! Why would you not get one ( Covid) if it protects little ones in your community who cannot get vaccinated yet or people with serious immunity compromised?. The vast majority of people in hospitals with a covid infection all over Canada are either unvaccinated, not fully vaccinated or the elderly that needed a Covid booster shot because of their weak immune system and did not get one yet. I am still waiting for a necessary surgery for more than 1 1/2 years now due to the covid pandemic. My surgery has been cancelled 3 times now because the hospitals are overwhelmed and there are no hospital beds available because of mostly selfish unvaccinated people are filling them . Many of us are waiting for surgeries or necessary medical procedures that keep getting cancelled because of it. Wake up folks and get vaccinated!!! It is not all about YOU!

  9. Posted by Aputi on

    Get your vaccine, or you’ll start saying I SHOULD HAVE when your love one dies from it

  10. Posted by eskimo joe on

    Ppl really should get vaccinated, it’s for the good of the ppl, if you are afraid of it’s consequences? It is far far better than the streets drugs many take, fiery water ppl drink to douse their pains, death causing pills ppl pop to get high. So in fact; your dealer is killing you slowly on daily basis with wrong injections unlike a life saving medical vaccine. For sure vaccine is much safer than your johnnie walker, your vodka or street drugs from west coast or other provinces…

  11. Posted by Rankin Inlet Resident on

    I am pro-vaccine, all the way… but at the same time I am concerned about policies like this, I fear they are needlessly divisive and will accomplish little more than pointless moralizing.

    • Posted by So much true on

      “pointless moralizing” .. given that Rankin hasn’t had a case in months I have to agree

  12. Posted by Fox Seeker on

    The Hamlet has set a course for the establishment of totalitarianism.
    Controlled persecution, segregation, demoralization towards a group of people and absolute control of everyone else.
    It started with endless fear of the invisible. Established by bulldozing over a year ago, the children’s skating rinks on a lake in the town. With endless radio announcements by politicians to be no signing, no gathering or face hefty fines. Goal to keep people lonely and lose their self identity.
    Now papers or QR code to enter buildings for full control of the ‘good’ and to dehumanize the ‘bad’ by keeping them out of sight.
    The “trust the science” slogan stuck in repeat while scientists, doctors, researchers, acclaimed academics, anyone are fired, deplatformed or silenced if speak out or disagree with the ‘official’ and ‘correct’ belief. Never a discussion.
    Massive no vaccine passport protest around the world are kept from minds to know.
    Now happening is the further stripping of fundamental rights by not allowing ‘them’ to coach, volunteer, work (support their family), run for hamlet council is to further excluded them from society as a whole. Have no feelings.
    The last step of dehumanization, yet to come, is getting rid of them. And what’s left are people who built their own prison and now controlled what say, think, how far can travel or be punished. Now the new ones to fear. Nunavut lost is no more–everyone’s freedoms vanishing.

    • Posted by John W Paul Murphy on

      Fox Seeker has been watching too many zombie movies on TV. I think television time should be banned for some.

      • Posted by Fox Seeker on

        If anyone is interested in human freedom, rule of law and democracy, do get a hold of “The Origins of Totalitarianism” by Hannah Arendt (c1948/copyright renewed 1976) and jump right to “The Totalitarian Movement”, chapter 11 and read it once, twice.

        The author in this chapter goes into detail before the actual power and full control happens on what is taking place to prepare society for all to slide into place.

        The similarities of propaganda, “scientific”, censorship, fear, group think, racism, believe, imaginations, thought control what are happening in today’s world are eye popping.

        • Posted by Observer on

          Ah yes, selective quoting. Arendt points out the rise of totalitarianism through the use of propaganda and lies which seek to convince people not to believe in reality. You know, like anti-vaxxers do, depending on lying and spreading falsehoods to get people to believe the lies.

  13. Posted by Toonik’s Grandfather on

    Until Canada gets healthy again, measures needs to be taken. We are under emergency, way to go Hamlet…..

  14. Posted by Immuk on

    Apocalypse has begun!! Everyone, stop and take a look around you. Try to realize what the person next to you is going in their life, and the guy across the street, and that lady walking down the street, and around the world. Look at what humanity has become, people going against other groups of people, who are you to stop them? Sooner rather than later, microchips will be inserted into every person around you and you will not be able to buy anything without it. It is coming and non of you can stop it from happening. I just pray for all you and hope you guys can all learn the word ‘ignorance’ and understand the word properly. Action speaks louder than words. Thank you ❤️

    • Posted by Belcher islands 1940s on

      For anyone not familiar with God living in belcher islands in 1940s , look it up , I think it was Peter Sala, public documents. Interesting time for people there. Your comment sounds like the same type of fantasy , as if not for today’s civil circumstances, history would repeat itself as by your way of thinking. Go get the shot for the sake of people around you.

  15. Posted by The society with the most care on

    A sign of a caring society manifest through this pandemic . The society with large numbers of vaccinated citizens appears to be the society that has lots of compassion and caring for each other within. Plus a society that fits well in a world with their good well towards all humanity. I urge everyone to just observe what is happening and who are the compassionate and caring. And don’t forget, since we have communities within societies, some communities have more compassion and caring then other communities within the same society. Now I ask you to see for yourself if your society or your community fits into the wellness and is a valued people of humanity? The next time you see a doctor or a nurse or any other caring or compassionate person among you with all the characteristics of what I describe, ask further about the society which bread them. And don’t hesitate to ask yourself what’s your role in being compassionate and caring to the people around you?

  16. Posted by Over the top! on

    There’s no reason to take this drastic a step! It’s obvious you don’t trust the science behind the vaccine, otherwise you wouldn’t be so paranoid and implement this over the top restriction! What are you afraid of???

    • Posted by Uh, what? on

      Preventing unvaccinated people from going it is the exact opposite of what you just said. It isn’t to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated, it’s to protect the unvaccinated. Because, apparently, FREEDOM means they can’t do it for themselves.

  17. Posted by Umingmak on

    Good job Rankin Inlet! Every single municipality in Canada should do the same!

    • Posted by John W Paul Murphy on

      Does the new beer and wine store fall under this bylaw?

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