RCMP investigating ‘suspicious death’ in Rankin Inlet

Death of male reported was reported Friday, police say

RCMP responded to a report of a deceased male on Aug. 25 in Rankin Inlet. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

RCMP in Rankin Inlet are investigating what they say is “a suspicious death.”

In a news release, the service said it is investigating after officers responded to a report of a deceased male on Friday.

Neither the age nor identity of the victim was announced. Police did not say where the male’s body was found.

The death is being investigated by the V Division major crime unit and the forensic identification unit.

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(12) Comments:

  1. Posted by James on

    RCMP are investigating a suspicious death in the community of ranking inlet. Rankin Inlet a thriving mining town located on the western shores of Hudson Bay in the Nunavut Terriory. Rankin inlet has a population of 3,100 (2922)

    Government of Nunavut opened a beer and wine store in Rankin Inlet in 2021and the community has seen an spike in v domestic violence, violent crime, and serious vehicle accidents.

    There now you got some meat to your basic story bud

    • Posted by Maybe, Maybe not on

      It is probably true that crime is up, but it is not clear that there is an association between that fact with this particular event. Maybe you know something we don’t?

      • Posted by James on

        For crime you can compare the court dockets prior to the beer and wine store opening and after. These are public records and proot the court is getting busier.

        You will see domestic violence is up 200% since the beer and wine stores opened.

        RCMP has local intake logs of how many customers they get each night and the percentage of how many were intoxicated.

        Suicides are more frequent and most if not all are alcohol related. There should be coroners reports to back this up.

        The media needs to do some investigative journalism do so access to information request and report on this stuff. The data should be out now unless the government is trying to cover it up.

        Government of Nunavut needs to

      • Posted by John WP Murphy on

        Perhaps it is YOU who can’t relate to the spike in crimes including domestic violence
        Iqaluit has experienced the same spike.
        But, then denial of the facts are easier to a accept, isn’t it,?

    • Posted by Nu Anirniliit on

      It is not ranking inlet…it is Rankin Inlet and we do not know what the population will be in 2922. Do not comment on something you know nothing about.

    • Posted by Umingmak on

      It’s beyond absurd to blame this on the B&W store. Iqaluit has had a B&W store for years now. The prohibited communities also have serious crime. Can we blame those crimes on Iqaluit & Rankin B&W stores too? Should we blame every crime here on the B&W store, or admit that we have societal issues in Nunavut that need to be tackled – issues that existed long before the B&W, or even unrestricted alcohol in general?

      The prohibited communities also have serious crime. Can we blame those crimes on Iqaluit & Rankin B&W stores too?

      • Posted by Name Withheld on

        The issues in these two communities where B&W exists have always been there!!

        After the lockdown happened more people had the chance to drink daily and not only on weekends as they weren’t required to come into the office. The bootleggers also still selling, did the stores stop this? No, it has not.

        Mental health is at risk in Nunavut, and I don’t see any of the politicians making it a priority compared to opening those two facilities. They say they support mental health, but do you see them supporting it? No not unless it comes close to them.

        Government of Nunavut clearly speaks out when it shows they don’t support mental health as you see they rather spend enormous amounts of money on the Iqaluit deep seaport, B&W store, study of fiber optic that never happen, endless hiring of consultants to do office work when they can easily hire local.

        Nunavut always had the highest crime rate prior to these stores opening. It just gotten worst, which is truly sad !! The same politicians, GN leaders are the ones you see lining up at the store, Go figure!!

      • Posted by Hunter on

        Fact is 95% of all RCMP calls for service in the territory are alcohol related. The other 5% are property crimes committed by youth.

        Eliminating alcohol will reduce violence and crime rates in the territory by at least 50%. This is a fact no body wants to admit.

        • Posted by You are somewhat on the right track on

          Eliminating alcohol is not the solution. the US learned that during the prohibition era.
          the most vulnerable people who feel they need it, will still find it, or learn to make it

          The solution is proper treatment facilities to help alcoholics get proper help in a healthy way.

  2. Posted by mike on

    stop blaming booze . The fact we don’t have even have a treatment center for alcoholism is the true problem .

    booze will always find its way in to a community , if you think a community is dry, you’re in denial .

    also Iqaluit And Rankin ARE DUMP locations for troubled people that should be in care of government , rather that prison or some other special facility …

    iqaluit and rankin are just modern day 1700 ‘s Australia

    • Posted by James on


      Honestly I would hate to see what the stats are from the health center in Rankin Inlet.

      The two year anniversary of the grand opening of the Rankin B&W is this November. The RCMP, The Department of Health, Coroners Office & Justice Department need to lay all the ugly facts on the table.

      Is the GN actually profiting off the B&W? I doubt it when they have to consider the increased policing costs, the increased cost on the health care system treating drunks with injuries, increased court costs.

      It make me wonder weather or not the GN has an attendance problem with their workers now. Are more employees missing days of work and their duties are falling behind?

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