REAL Women accuses Cauchon of pushing gay “agenda”


A conservative lobby group has been spreading the word that Martin Cauchon, the federal minister of justice, was to be in Iqaluit from Dec. 3 to 6 to “push the homosexual agenda.”

But a representative from the Government of Nunavut said this week that Cauchon was not in Iqaluit last week, and was not scheduled to visit.

The lobby group, called REAL Women, has been telling supporters since late November that Cauchon was planning to spend his last days in office in Iqaluit, “to promote same-sex marriage in Canada’s newest emerging province.”

While in Iqaluit, the group warned Cauchon would “pressure the legislative assembly to implement, at the expense of the Inuit culture and tradition, the acceptance of same-sex marriage,” an online press release says, citing territorial election hopeful Tagak Curley as a source to contact for further information.

“It is apparent that Mr. Cauchon hopes to use Nunavut as a precedent for the acceptance of homosexuality even though it is contrary to the culture and tradition of the people living there.

“This attempt to manipulate the healthy vigorous Inuit culture to adapt to the personal agenda of the outgoing minister of justice and his homosexual supporters is repugnant and abhorrent to all those who respect the culture and traditions of others,” the press release says.

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