Sam Tilley appointed to vacant Iqaluit city council seat

Half of city council’s members have been appointed since 2019 municipal election

Sam Tilley was appointed to Iqaluit city council on Tuesday evening. (Photo by David Venn)

By David Venn
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Sam Tilley is the latest Iqaluit resident to join city council after being appointed to the position Tuesday evening.

Tilley, who applied once before to a councillor call-out, replaces Joanasie Akumalik, who resigned in June after being charged with aggravated assault. Akumalik’s case is still before the courts.

“I feel good,” Tilley said in an interview. “I’m ready to get working for the next year.”

Sam Tilley tells city councillors why he should be appointed to council on Tuesday evening. (Photo by David Venn)

Half of council now is made up of appointed members, with the other half being elected in 2019.

Councillors Paul Quassa and Ookalik Curley were selected earlier this year to fill the chairs of Janet Pitsiulaaq Brewster and John Fawcett, both of whom resigned last year.

The others are Coun. Kim Smith, appointed in June after Sheila Flaherty resigned, and now Tilley for Akumalik.

Councillors Solomon Awa, Kyle Sheppard, Simon Nattaq and Romeyn Stevenson remain from the 2019 election, as well as Mayor Kenny Bell.

There were six candidates to choose from for the five councillors who attended Tuesday’s meeting: Lili Weeman, Philip Otukol, Gabriel Ross, Swany Amarapala, Robert Bourassa and Tilley.

They each had to tell council what they could bring to the table and what qualities make for a good councillor.

During his speech, Tilley said he is a good leader and team member, and will be available to Iqalummiut when they need him.

He spoke in Inuktitut as well, telling council he’s a hard worker and has lived in the city for two decades.

“It’s going to be a privilege, I know it is. I love this city,” Tilley said during his speech. “To the best of my abilities, I will represent this city with passion and integrity.”

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  1. Posted by John K on

    I’m going to put a lot of effort into remaining optimistic …

  2. Posted by Revolving Doors on

    Next up to be appointed to City Council, this week-old Snack Burger with a side of Fries.

  3. Posted by shiat on

    We should appoint a new mayor while we are at it..

  4. Posted by Putting this out there on

    I wonder what communities in Nunavut have had the most and which has the least turn over on Hamlet council.
    Should just have an election every 6 months. Then maybe people can stay till the end of their term. Not to mention would be great if elected officials didn’t get kicked out because of legal issues. haha

    Nunatsiaq can you look into this please. Why is there such high turn over?

  5. Posted by Will I Am on

    Legend. Giv’er stank buddy and we’ll see the haters down the road apiece!

  6. Posted by Dumpster fire on

    Good luck. There been a dumpster on fire for a while and it hasn’t been the city dump.


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