Sealift shipment: New vehicles arrive in Iqaluit

Cars are unloaded from a barge onto an empty beach in Iqaluit Tuesday. The sealift season began in late July and goes into September. (Photo by David Lochead)

By David Lochead

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  1. Posted by Iqaluitmiuta on

    When is the mayor getting rid of all the old cars and trucks that’s litterly over flowing town of Iqaluit someone help him get his priorities straight.

    • Posted by Nunavummiut on

      This is literally a problem across all of Nunavut, not just Iqaluit.

      • Posted by Aaaaannnd? on

        Your point is what exactly?
        Iqaluit repeatedly has old vehicle clean-ups.
        Hasn’t happened in a while though and it shows. Why?
        There are old wrecks all over the place making the City look like a shanty town.


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