Ships visit Iqaluit deepsea port

Woodward’s MT Kitikmeot W fuel tanker sits in the Iqaluit deepsea port in December. The port also was used by the MT Qikiqtaaluk W. that same month. On Sept. 9, the Iqaluit deepsea port was granted substantial completion status, meaning it is ready for use and will be fully operational for this year’s upcoming sealift season, said GN spokesperson Weichien Chan in an email Friday. “We are currently working with stakeholders to finalize the operations plan, which we expect to be in place well before the first ship arrives,” Chan said. Sealift operations were not relocated to the new port after substantial completion in 2022, as it “would have caused a major disruption to sealift operations” forcing carriers NEAS and NSSI to relocate their sheds, equipment and operational tools to the port in the midst of sealift season, Chan said. (Photo courtesy of the Government of Nunavut)

By Nunatsiaq News

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    • Posted by 180 on

      What does the port in Iqaluit have to do with Kimmirut, go whine somewhere else.

    • Posted by Devil’s Avocado on

      Despite two months of deep freeze weather, the ice they broke to deliver that fuel still hasn’t re-frozen. As a result no one has been able to get their snowmobiles out of Koojeesee Inlet to check on the trail.

      Maybe someone can try from the Kimmirut side and let us know?

  1. Posted by Northener on

    What’s the news on the ferry from iqaluit to labrador or is that dream squashed already

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