Should city drivers be tested for drugs and alcohol?


If Iqaluit had sidewalks, people would not be getting run over by cars and trucks.

As an avid walker, I am now scared to walk near the road, but I find people don’t want to walk on sand or rocks. We need sidewalks!

And City of Iqaluit drivers should be tested for drugs and alcohol on the days they work. What if they are hung over from the night before and are not able to concentrate very well? Then innocent lives are taken.

I am not blaming only City of Iqaluit drivers, its all the drivers. What if they had a toke before they went to work?

They might be so high that they tend to forget the safety of pedestrians. What is the need for speed? Not my life or others. See us and hear us.

(Name withheld by request)

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