Kitikmeot Inuit Association president Stanley Anablak talks about the Grays Bay Road and Port Project at last year’s KIA annual general meeting. Anablak was in Kinngait on Aug. 29 to promote the project to Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.’s board of directors. (Filie photo)

Stanley Anablak steps down as Kitikmeot Inuit Association president

Anablak’s term was supposed to end in December 2022

By David Lochead

Stanley Anablak has stepped down as president of the Kitikmeot Inuit Association, the regional organization that represents Inuit beneficiaries of the Nunavut Agreement in the western part of Nunavut.

Kitikmeot Inuit Association’s interim executive director Fred Pedersen confirmed Anablak’s departure to Nunatsiaq News, saying that Anablak had retired.

Pedersen said that Anablak’s term was supposed to end in December.

In the meantime, the three vice-presidents of the KIA will preside over the presidency of the Cambridge Bay-based organization together, he added.

That move is in line with KIA’s bylaws, he said.

Anablak was elected president in 2018.

Nunatsiaq News tried to contact Anablak for comment about his departure but did not receive a response as of Wednesday evening.

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(34) Comments:

  1. Posted by Can you say BLOATED on

    3 Vice Presidents… wow

    • Posted by Nuyaki on

      Since KIA was implemented little did Kitikmeot know about who they partnership with how the whole system worked what all parties were entitled to where’d all potentials of equity go little did they do for the regionals when the share holders should have equaled the numbers to each communities and why the president retired before his term is up BIG concern I feel we were so robbed no equal share..

      • Posted by Nuyaki on

        Netsilikmeot didn’t get any economy and equity share while you sat netsilik regions were only used to build you and your community where did our share go we got nothing from our end.

    • Posted by Clarity on

      I believe the VP’s are just Board positions, they are not actually paid VP’s. Yes they get honorarium for meetings but they’re not on a VP salary or any salary for that matter.

      I could be wrong here but when you attend the AGM’s they are just board members with the title VP which does make it sound bloated but its not actually salary bloat its just title bloat if anything.

    • Posted by Where’s your website? on

      Three Vice Presidents and this Org can’t even keep their website up. They lost their domain name and now they have no online presence at all.

      • Posted by Northern Inuit on

        It’s embarrassing in this day and age an inuit organization our size has no website at all.

        What does Joey Evalik our IT and Communications Coordinator do?

        • Posted by YCO on

          By the looks of it, he Facebooks all day.

  2. Posted by Northern Inuit on

    What was his legacy?

    Letting Kitikmeot Corporation grenade Kitnuna?

    Letting KIA Staff take a month of December off with pay without having to take pesky annual leave?

    Nunavut Resources Corporation owned in KIA has $300,000 “stolen” from hackers.

    • Posted by Foundout on

      It was an inside job..that’s good news for the environment! This is going to ease the destruction of our lands and hopefully some caribou get a chance at rebounding. This guy’s decision has destroyed crucial caribou calving grounds in our region .

      • Posted by Umingmak on

        This is a terrible take. Resource development is putting food on the table for hundreds of children in the Kitikmeot region to eat. Without these jobs, we’d have many more families unemployed, doing nothing but getting drunk all day every day.

        • Posted by Frankly on

          Drunk all day everyday ? Wow ! Rich to get booze but not food Bootleggers are living the dream. Learn to live with it like climate change , only gets worst before it get better …right .

      • Posted by Taxpayer on

        Please clue into reality. Bluenose caribou calve southwest of Kugluktuk – no mining. Bathurst caribou calve west of Kingauk – mining nearby. Ahiak caribou calve in Queen Maud Gulf – no mining. Beverly caribou calve south of Taloyoak – no mining. Victoria Island caribou can calve all over the island – no mining. I see no “crucial” calving grounds destroyed by President Anablak of the KIA. Why are you making up stuff just to create divisions among Inuit?

        • Posted by Hunter working on

          Yeah, reality us this. Of the caribou herds you mentioned, the one with the lowest population is the one where they mine.

        • Posted by The Politics of Lying on

          Wherever there is a mine, it always seems to be built over a calving site, like every damn time. Do these animals sense the ore and calve there on purpose? Truly a mystery and a wonder of the planet.

    • Posted by josywales on

      Legacy? Destruction of the Kitikmeot Inuit Association. All funds going South and around the world, all taken by Consultants.

  3. Posted by Paul on

    Something brewing over there, the ED is no longer there too and it’s hush hush.

    • Posted by Question to Paul on

      Who is now the ED for the KitIA? Or who is acting?

      • Posted by Cambay Res on

        Freddy Pedersen

  4. Posted by Couldn’t wait 6 more weeks to retire? on

    There is something fishy about this retirement with not finishing a term 2 months out. Did something happen which moved up the Presidents departure from his job?

  5. Posted by Fishing on on

    Why quit a day before his AGM. KIA kept very quiet about it. In good KIA fasion very hush hush. Somthing does not smell right. The Kitikmeot Inuit deserve to know.

  6. Posted by Viola Neeveacheak on

    I don’t understand how KIA works. KIA is Kitikmeot Inuit Association in the books. And yet KIA employees talk about KIA West and KIA East. If they want to talk about KIA West and KIA East we all communities in the KIA should go to federal government to have that in writing, having its new regionals.

    • Posted by Aqpik on

      KIA -Kivalliq Inuit Association – EAST?
      KIA -Kitikmeot Inuit Association – WEST?

    • Posted by Peter on

      Of all the regions in Nunavut I find this one to be the most divided, more by choice, they like to be divided within Nunavut and play the we are always forgotten song, they like to be divided within the region and divided west and east and east says we are always forgotten, divided within community and so on.

      This attitude needs to change, you will not be given anything without working for it. Just constantly complaining without doing anything about it will not change anything.
      Having a organization with good leaders and proper staff to manage and work to make changes.
      Your ED was let go, why? Your President left, why? Why is no one saying anything and why are people being quiet? KIA is accountable to Nunavut beneficiaries, they need to be open and transparent and the people need to demand this and ask questions and get answers.
      I don’t understand the disconnect here.

  7. Posted by Cambay Res on

    I don’t know what is scarier, the usual Kitikmeot Inuit Association “don’t worry nothing to see here, don’t ask any questions”

    or the fact Freddy is the Interim Executive Director.

  8. Posted by Kevin Niptanatiak on

    I would be interested in applying for the Executive Director for Kitikmeot Inuit Association. I may not be eligible as I reside in Yellowknife for almost 5 years.

    • Posted by Just Stop on

      Why do people do this?

      • Posted by Yourfriend on

        Kevin….. do not enter Nunavut nothing up their for you , Where you are is good. NWT is still the best Territory!! Don’t make a mistake ! Kia is not the place you want to be !! Full of scandals in that department
        I’d be happy where you are.
        Live and learn and pass it on from this kia beneficiary!!

      • Posted by Robert on

        For the money I guess

  9. Posted by SUSPICOUS DEPARTURE shame shame on

    This comes at such an odd time, day before meetings start? why retire long (mths) after his wife? didn’t they plan to retire together? now Retirment all at once?? RETIREMENT is being used as his scape goat? something very fishy happened, something went down bad????? 6 wks to elections?? why didn’t you just fulfill the term. HOW MUCH was paid out for all this HUSH HUSH, Big boys club??? Paul – ED isn’t there also, he was the Presidents Right hand man? 2 big politicians getting away with something BIG. I suppose discussions and everything were probably done in camera. to keep the beneficiaries from the TRUTH. Has anyone checked into the Presidents and Executive Directors finances. DID they pull a Bell and finally got their hand caught in the BIG BOYS COOKIE JAR???

    you’re all accountable to the beneficiaries of the KITIKMEOT, YOUR SILENCE won’t last long, you can hide but the skeletons will eventually fall out of the closet. Truth will unfold. Wouldn’t you think that this scandal will be far more difficult to deal with and explain then being TRUTHFUL to those you were to REPRESENT????

  10. Posted by Lack of accountability is a built-in feature. on

    Everyone knows the regional inuit associations have serious governance and accountability issues.

    No one knows or cares what to do about it.

  11. Posted by Copperminer on

    You all watch……In a mere week all of this will be forgotten——KIA is a non-transparent organization-always has been
    The people don’t have to know a thing or two but the legacy of this org has left it’s beneficiaries in limbo. Millions of dollars in federal funding to help the people went astray . I think each Nunavut community should re-organize their designated representatives for better involvement with the legislature. Our kia has been getting away with too much federal funding without focus on Its own beneficiaries . No wonder our region can not get out of poverty.

  12. Posted by Crystal Clarity on

    KIA and KC are listed as “private” corporations. They don’t need to disclose anything publicly. Only the board members would have all the details. Just because it’s a Inuit organisation doesn’t make its business fodder for public consumption although if I know why this is happening i’m sure the general public will know before very long.

  13. Posted by Clearer crystal on

    KIA is a not for profit organization accountable to the Nunavut Beneficiaries, their financial audits are available at their Annual General Meeting, you can go to their office and request a copy as a Nunavut Beneficiary.

  14. Posted by Chris Ipakohak on

    I hope people get caught soon for what’s going on.

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