Thirteen hunters awarded new gear


Thirteen Iqalummiut got hunting equipment from the Nunavut Harvester Support Program this year.

This year, the Amarok Hunters and Trappers Association took applications for equipment, so they could decide who should get what equipment. Last year, hunters were determined by a lottery draw, which resulted in some people getting equipment that they didn’t plan to use.

Poasie Nowdlak got a 50-horsepower outboard motor; Jomie Aipeelee got a 60- horsepower outboard; and Kowmagiak Mitsima got a 70-horsepower outboard.

Jotah Adla and Joanasie Shaimaiyuk each got a 22-foot freighter canoe. Mathewsie Kilabuk and Peter Aningmiuq each got a 24-foot freighter canoe. Jeremiah Veevee and Sammy Josephee each got a 20-foot welded aluminum boat.

Pauloosie Lucassie and Jacob Shaimaiyou each got a 550 cc snowmobile. Joseph Teemotee Mitsima and Naulaq Inookie each got a 340 cc snowmobile.

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