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Three men charged in Kuujjuaq drug seizure


KUUJJUAQ — Drug trafficking may still be a serious problem in Nunavik, but some accused drug dealers are beginning to surface in front of the courts.

Three men have finally been charged with possession and trafficking in connection with a drug seizure at Kuujjuaq’s airport on Canada Day, 1998.

Willie Gordon, 41, a former employee of the Kativik Regional Government and director of Kuujjuamiut Society Inc., has been charged with the possession and trafficking of more than three kilos of hashish between Apr. 1 and July 1, 1998.

Gordon’s son, Bobby, 20, and Jobie Gordon, 32, have also been charged with trafficking and possession of under three kilos of hashish between Apr. 1 and June 30, 1998.

The three will re-appear in court in Kuujjuaq on May 30 to enter pleas.

Last week in Kuujjuaq, a Salluit woman, Kenuajuaq Quannaq, 20, plead guilty to possession and trafficking of approximately 40 grams of hashish and marijuana. Quannaq was selling the drugs, which were shipped to her from Montreal by her boyfriend.

The day after Quannaq sold a police informant one gram of hash for $50 on April 25, 1998, she was arrested outside her house.

Police found 30 grams of hash and $1000 on Quannaq. Another $1226 and more drugs were found inside the house.

Judge Daniel Bédard sentenced Quannaq to a nine-month conditional sentence that she will be able to serve in Montreal.

Two other wanna-be drug dealers in Salluit also appeared in front of the court last week. Last week Kululak Kumukuluk, 30, and Veli Golchek, 44, originally from Turkey, were arrested in Salluit.

Ten grams of hashish and $6400 were found on the men. Golchek had reportedly travelled to Salluit with a local woman one week before his arrest.

The two men will appear in court in Salluit at a later date.

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