Trichinella warning issued in Coral Harbour

Infected walrus harvested on Sept. 24, says Health Department

Nunavut’s Health Department is cautioning people in Coral Harbour, seen here, that a recently harvested walrus has tested positive for trichinella. (File Photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Nunavut Health Department is warning people in Coral Harbour about a walrus harvested Sept. 24 that has tested positive for trichinella.

People should contact a health-care provider if they’ve recently eaten uncooked walrus and experiencing symptoms such as muscle pain, diarrhea, swollen eyelids, sweating and weakness, says a news release from the department.

The meat may have been with neighbouring communities as well.

Trichinella is a type of parasitic roundworm that causes a disease called trichinosis. Trichinella can only be killed by cooking, not freezing or fermenting. Any walrus can have trichinella, and anyone offered walrus should ask if it has been tested, the department said.

“Hunters who get their meat tested are protecting their communities,” states the release.

For questions on walrus testing, the department says to contact environmental health officer Gary Nelson at 867-645-6660.

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(6) Comments:

  1. Posted by Old timer on

    Like I said last time today’s Nov 9 Sept 23 was a long time ago meats probably gone

  2. Posted by ever long on

    Nunatsiaq, you shouldlook into the reasons why it takes so bloody long to get a test result, and the implications of such a long wait.

    • Posted by Salliq on

      I totally agree with “ever Long”

      it takes too long to get the results back from the lab in Iqaluit. Each community should get the rapid testing kit for parasites.

  3. Posted by Fermentation on

    Will fermenting the walrus meat make it safe for consumption?

    Also, is it true that the fermented meat is generally considered dog food?

    • Posted by Blucheese on

      No and No!
      fermentation meat is considered a delicacy, its not for everyone, like your blue cheese, some love it others not so much.

  4. Posted by Afroman on

    The best part of the igunaq is when you get that little head buzz. Don’t eat too much or you’ll get the meat sweats. Not so much fun when you’re feeling the effects of good fermented fat.

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