Trick-or-treating banned in ‘red alert’ Nunavik municipalities

Outdoor trick-or-treating permitted in ‘orange’ areas

People in Nunavik’s “red alert” communities aren’t going to be able to go trick-or-treating this year, as COVID-19 outbreaks continue to spread. (Photo by Antonia Gabola/Unsplash)

By Nunatsiaq News

Halloween parties and trick-or-treating have been banned in Nunavik’s “red alert” communities as the region continues to combat outbreaks of COVID-19.

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services made the announcement on Friday.

The communities affected by the trick-or-treating ban are Kangiqsualujjuaq, Kuujjuaq, Salluit, Ivujivik and Kangirsuk.

Outdoor trick-or-treating is allowed in “orange alert” communities, which includes all communities that are not under “red alert.”

On Thursday, the board announced there were nine new cases, adding to the regional total of 120 active cases.

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(8) Comments:

  1. Posted by Extra Spooky on

    Covid might just make trick-or-treating extra sPoOoOkY!!!1

    Stay safe Nunavik and get vaccinated. Some of these communities have 30-40% vaccination rates amongst adults. Nobody to blame but yourselves.

    • Posted by NUNAVIMIUK on

      30-40% because some religious nuts are preaching against vaccination.

      • Posted by Nuts to preach, nuttier to obey on

        In this day of reconciliation. Acknowledging the religious fanatics, the bible, what Christianity has done to indigenous people, and still someone nut preaches the word, and the following nut cases are brain washed into the same brain wash as the preachers. History repeats itself if nothing is learned, and in this case, nothing is learned.

  2. Posted by Halloween without the treats, but not the tricks on

    Halloween might be canceled in red zones of Nunavik, but in Kuujjuaq the tricks are still out and about armed with Covid. Today the regional health board on fm telling the positive Covid cases to isolate as there’s a problem with certain people going around mixing with others after they know they’re positive. This is sickly pathetic for someone to be that irresponsible. It’s 10 positive cases noted as of today, and if numbers increased , those idiots still mixing with the virus in their system will need to be intervened severely by the authorities.

  3. Posted by S on

    Shameful to be nearly two years in to an event that was billed as apocalyptic and turned out to be a dud; yet many are still consumed or obsessed by covidmania. Truly, truly shameful.

    The ONLY masks anyone should be wearing is at Halloween, yet the sheep are wearing them for nearly 600 days now. Meanwhile the kids are banned from wearing them at Halloween.
    Truly, truly shameful

    • Posted by Interesting S on

      That’s very interesting comment S. Hum, sheep have been wearing mask for 600 days now. I want to know from S, how do you get away with not wearing a mask as you enter the same public spaces as most people need to enter ? How do you get in theses public spaces without a mask? Or am I reading you wrong, in that you are part of the same flock of sheep that you are calling shameful? Or should I read more between the lines and interpret your comment as someone from the wilderness that lives totally on the land?

  4. Posted by Halloween and more on

    It’s sad for kids to not have Halloween, but there’s other ways to enjoy it, without visiting others. But as many are saying , and a good point indeed: travel within Nunavik is literally shut down, only essential travel, and 72 hours or more to get approval. Many that are vaccinated were free to travel just about anywhere just a week or so ago, but suddenly all gone out the windows. Many are feeling the vaccinated have been suddenly let down, and the unvaccinated has let them down. Elsewhere in Quebec and Canada vaccinated are free to travel with their proof. Im ok myself to not travel, and it’s understandable for the restrictions to be as is to prevent travel in Nunavik at this time, but I still sympathize with a vaccinated person that suddenly can’t travel. It’s a Nunavik unique scenario, unlike the rest of the country.

  5. Posted by Creepy on

    There’s a creepy feeling about. Halloween is happening in real time with no make believe , it’s happening not like any other time, it’s very concerning Halloween. No treats this year. This is so unfair to responsible people that are trying to get this pandemic over with. I know not everyone who’s positive are getting it from not obeying the rules, but most people spreading this virus are not obeying the rules. The partying continues amongst the ignorant. It’s time for the authorities to get strict about restrictions. This new wave of Covid is very threatening to Nunavik. There’s no better time then now for authorities to police this mess. It needs to be done , because it appears the ignorant are not getting it. It’s only a matter of time before we have a death of our vulnerable.


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