Under Nunavik’s COVID-19 lockdown, only charter flights travel to the region

All travellers need approval from the regional government

Air Inuit’s flight schedule for Nunavik is now empty, now that scheduled flights to the region are cancelled. Instead, only re-approved passengers can board flights chartered by the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services and the Kativik Regional Government. (Screenshot)

By Jane George

(Updated at 2:15 p.m.)

Nunavik’s lockdown due to COVID-19 continues to mean major changes in how you can travel to the region.

Since April 3, it’s been impossible to fly from Montreal to Kuujjuaq and on to Iqaluit via Canadian North, because the airline cancelled that long-standing route.

Now the airline has announced another major change to the nature of its flights leaving from Montreal for Kuujjuaq: scheduled flights are no longer offered, and only pre-approved passengers can board flights chartered by the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services and the Kativik Regional Government.

This move is in response to Nunavik’s travel lockdown order issued on April 2 after the region’s second case of COVID-19 was confirmed, Canadian North said.

This lockdown has ended Air Inuit’s scheduled flights to and around Nunavik.

Canadian North charter flights between Montreal and Kuujjuaq now leave on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Travel between Nunavik and southern Canada is currently restricted to those with medical appointments, health-care workers and other essential workers.

Nunavik’s health board says it may also make humanitarian exemptions for residents who are in the south and want to return home. Requests can be sent to covidtravel@krg.ca.

Those cleared to return to Nunavik will have to self-isolate upon arrival, except for patients at the Ullivik residence in Montreal who self-isolated before their return.

All flights now leave from the Air Inuit FBO Terminal at 6005, boul. de la Côte-Vertu in Montreal.

Canadian North said there are no changes to its Canadian North Cargo drop-off and pickup locations.

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  1. Posted by GNWT Justice Warrior on

    Insane that people can’t leave – Charter violation.

    • Posted by Nunavutmiuta on

      Charter violation? At who’s life to pay for it? A human life is very important, our elders need all the protection that can be given to them, they are our root in life.

      • Posted by Julia Northrup on

        With the lack of housing and crowded living conditions, to argue a charter violation is insane. I am very worried for my friends in NUNAVIK.

    • Posted by The Old Trapper on

      Actually it’s not a Charter violation as the restriction of Charter rights is allowed under certain emergency circumstances. While the Federal government has not enacted the Emergency Measures Act each province and territory has enacted their own emergency powers.
      I agree that we must remain vigilant when it comes to any level of government wanting to usurp our rights. So far the opposition parties have done a good job of restraining the government from their attempt to take too much power.
      The real test would be if things got real bad – like our health care system being overwhelmed, similar to Italy and Spain. That could induce a level of fear in the population where people would allow the government to take away their rights. Hungary is an example, and Turkey and Russia in particular have used this in the past. Expect to see this scenario play out in Africa and South America countries where dictators try to consolidate their hold on power.

  2. Posted by Sorry, can’t help you right now on

    No bonuses going to anybody’s pockets anytime soon.

  3. Posted by Stranded on

    What is being done for people who are stranded and not considered essential? I’ve been stuck in salluit since March 28 and it’s been 17 days now. How will I get home

  4. Posted by Aisa qungisiruk on

    I wanna go home to Kangirsujuaq on monday how can I pay my ticket email me or call me 829-496-2552 or 819-496-2588 its me Aisa plz help me I’m not sick or cold

  5. Posted by Annie annanack on

    I would like to know if I’m leaving soon! Cause I can’t handle this community no more I’m all alone with no family members

  6. Posted by Lydia on

    I wonder if I can go to puvirnituq soon

  7. Posted by Mina Crow on

    Good morning I would like to need help to send home from Kuujuaraapik to Umiujaq and her name is Cynthia Crow her locator number is RYLQT she been there since March she was suppose to return on March 28 2020 since there’s going to be someone traveling to Umiujaq on Tuesday I am asking if she can get on too please let me know or you can e-mail my daughter Minnie that’s where she’s staying at please massage her thank you stay safe

  8. Posted by Susan Annanack on

    I wanna go back home I’m stuck here since March with my baby I need help to make reservation to go back to George river pls anyone help me to go back home ASAP

  9. Posted by Joanna Kakkinik on

    Good morning
    I would like to make arrangement for my grandson come to Quaqtaq
    Aqiggiq Kulula (Junior) beneficiary 80190 age 7 please call me at (819)492 9081

  10. Posted by Sivuak Sivuarapik on

    I wanna go back home.

  11. Posted by Butsy Kenuayuak on

    My father wants to go to puvirnituq for the funeral .

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