Lucy Tulugarjuk, executive director of the Nunavut Independent Television Network, will co-host Uvagut TV’s launch party with director and producer Zacharias Kunuk. (Photo courtesy of Uvagut TV)

Uvagut TV celebrates launch with live event in Igloolik Wednesday

2-hour event will feature musical performances, speeches by dignitaries

By Nunatsiaq News

Canada’s first 24/7 Inuit-language TV channel is celebrating its recent launch by hosting a live event in Igloolik on Wednesday.

Uvagut TV, which premiered on Jan. 18, broadcasts children’s series, documentaries, live television and movies, all in Inuktut.

The event is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. ET. It will be hosted by Zacharias Kunuk, the Inuit producer, director and head of the Isuma Group, alongside Lucy Tulugarjuk, executive director of the Nunavut Independent Television Network, which owns Uvagut TV.

“Countless Inuit have worked over generations to dream the first Inuit-language channel into existence,” said Tulugarjuk in a news release.

“This is a cause for celebration, and we’re honoured to have so many friends, so many great Inuit artists, join us for the party.”

There will be throat singing, drum dancing and performances from singers and musicians, such as opera singer Deantha Edmunds and singer-songwriters Beatrice Deer and Angela Amarualik, said the release.

Paul Quassa, Speaker of Nunavut’s legislature, and Margaret Nakashuk, Nunavut’s minister of culture and heritage, are both expected to speak at the event.

“This is a special moment,” Kunuk said in the news release. “We’ve wanted our own TV channel in our own language for so many years. Now that day is finally here.”

Uvagut TV is available via Shaw Direct satellite service, Arctic Co-op’s cable service in Nunavut and N.W.T. and FCNQ’s cable service in Nunavik.

You can also watch the event online at

The event will be rebroadcast from 6 to 8 p.m. ET Wednesday.

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(5) Comments:

  1. Posted by Old times on

    When are u guy’s putting a request to bell to add this channel?

  2. Posted by Uvanga on

    First ever all inuit TV who covers all inuit across canada and no one from ITK is saying anything. the premiers of the territories should all be talking at their virtual launch including our NTI president after all it is running out of Iglulik. So proud of Uvagut TV

    • Posted by There are no Inuit channels on Bell satellite/internet on

      Only local Co-op cables are able to watch Uvagut TV, except for Bell satellite/internet owners, not all Inuit watching local Inuit shows!

      No equality right there with Inuit.

  3. Posted by Ronnie on

    Hard work done to get this channel added to Shaw Satellite TV at least. Looking forward to shows from across the Arctic. Always great to see IBC from the old days. Many elders stories to be told and heard. Keep up the awesome work. Koana!

    • Posted by Uvanga on

      Need modern inuktut programs to keep up with our childrens interest. Maybe interpret popular childrens programs with disney

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