Wasted life, carelessness, irresponsiblity


On my way to work the other day I encountered a cute little puppy dog. She followed me, looking at me with her little puppy dog’s eyes. She would not leave.

I kept on asking her “Where’s your home? She did not know where her home was, or maybe she did not have a home, so she just followed me. I decided to pick her up in my arms and I would find a solution for this lost puppy.

When I arrived at work, I saw a colleague of mine who had also found not one but two puppies! My colleague and I did not know what to do with them. For at least one hour, the front door of my office was a joyful sight of cute puppies playing and yapping. They were not aware of their uncertain future.

The puppies were then picked up by animal control, where they were to be kept until Monday.

Today is Monday; I just called to find out about the puppies. The one I picked up is back with her owner. The two others are dead. Gassed.

Please, if you have a dog, get it fixed. Life is a precious thing; it should be honoured, not wasted. This year, over 500 dogs have had the same fate as the two cute puppies I grew so fond of during that joyous hour.

Valerie Bolduc

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