Watch out for poachers


Quebec’s parks and wildlife corporation, the Société de la faune et des parcs du Québec, is asking Nunavimmiut to be on the alert for poachers of peregrine falcon and gyrfalcon eggs when these birds are in their peak egg-laying period.

Ranging from creamy pink to pale yellow, peregrine falcon and gyrfalcon eggs are slightly smaller than chicken’s eggs, but many times more valuable. A single falcon egg can fetch up to $30,000 in the Middle East where hunting with falcons is the sport of royalty.

In May, 2002, two men posing as photographers were apprehended in Kuujjuaq with seven falcon eggs that they had packed for travel.

Residents should contact SOS Poaching if they see something suspicious by telephoning 1-800-463-2191 or by getting in touch with the wildlife protection officer of the nearest municipality.

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