What did your MLA get paid last year?


Nunavut MLAs are paid through a complicated system of “indemnities” and “allowances.”

All MLAs get a base of $54,669 a year, plus extra amounts for doing different jobs.

Cabinet ministers get additional money for serving in cabinet, and most regular MLAs get extra pay for serving on committees and other “extra duties.”

The figures below do not include living allowances and constituency payments.

Here is what members of the first legislative assembly were paid between April 1, 2003 and March 31, 2004, including northern allowance:

Ovide Alakannuaq (Aqulliq): $76,807
Enoki Irqittuq (Amittuq): $79,188
Kevin O’Brien (Arviat): $111,951
Glenn McLean (Baker Lake): $76,558
Kelvin Ng (Cambridge Bay): $126,344
Peter Kattuk (Hudson Bay): $113,317
Hunter Tootoo (Iqaluit Centre): $70,497
Edward Picco (Iqaluit East): $113,033
Paul Okalik (Iqaluit West): $120,798
Donald Havioyak (Kugluktuk): $76,776
James Arvaluk (Nanulik): $54,552*
Patterk Netser (Nanulik): $38,596
Uriash Puqiqnak (Nattilik): $80,691
Peter Kilabuk (Pangnirtung): $114,423
Rebekah Williams (Quttiktuq): $69,131
Jack Anawak (Rankin North): $124,783*
Manitok Thompson (Rankin South): $113,234
Olayuk Akesuk (South Baffin): $111,874
Jobie Nutarak (Tunnuniq): $81,799
David Iqaqrialu (Uqqummiut): $82,347
* Includes transitional allowance payments.

Source: Report tabled during the second session of the second Nunavut legislative assembly.

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