Why a special house for the commissioner?


I have to comment on a tender that was advertised by the Nunavut government in regards to housing and furniture for the Commissioner of Nunavut.

I think this is very ironic that a tender was advertised when there was a recent article about the soup kitchen being closed due to no funds and no committee members.

Why can’t the Commissioner be housed in government units just like everyone else? It amazes me that this is a priority for the Nunavut government when we voted for them so they can be accountable to the people.

And guess what? There are people who are homeless in the same community and who apparently are not able to feed themselves and yet the Commissioner has to be housed and furnished. Is this how the Nunavut government is going to operate?

Also, another thing that I have heard is that there are now employees who have been hired by relatives working in the higher management positions. This is very unfair to the people who are being hired, as most of them probably don’t have what it takes to get a job done.

I think that it would be a lot better for these people, if they would like jobs in the government, that they be encouraged to go through the proper channels so that we can and will have a government that is “user-friendly.”

One other thing, I am opposed to is the one time zone as proposed by the commissioner as this time change will affect all of Nunavut and it certainly won’t be fair on some children who will grow up missing out on some twilight, and they’ll probably end up thinking that there is no light at all during the winter.

Name withheld by request

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