Why punish babies born out of wedlock?


I was intrigued upon reading Emil Arnalak’s wish list in the letters to the editor, Sept.17, 1999. For the most part, they could apply to the people of Nunavik too.

However, item (4) is a bit disturbing, (babies born out of wedlock). It appears to conflict with item (7), (wrongdoings). Is this because babies born out of wedlock have done nothing wrong, and therefore cannot be forgiven?

It brings to mind an old Qallunaat joke about parents who called their adult children together for what the father said was an important announcement. “Your mom and I have a confession to make,” dad said, “We pray for your understanding and forgiveness. You see, for reasons I dont want to go into, we were never married.”

There was a brief silence, and then one of the daughters piped up to her siblings, “Well I don’t know about the rest of you bastards, but I’m off to the movies!”

John Marquand

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