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Women live with violence every day


I wish to thank the woman from Iqaluit who dealt with this awful cycle of violence and I commend her (May 28, 2004, “Too much focus on abused women?”).

But let’s not forget that there a lot of other women and very young women and very young girls who are living with violence, threats and jealousy on an every-day basis – ullumi – today.

You are very true when it comes to children witnessing and hearing some awful words that are demeaning, but as adults and parents we can control this and let them not hear and witness such abuse to begin with.

Adults should not be doing this in the first place.

Let us tell our children that there are options besides hitting another person. Talk to someone, talk to social services, or the RCMP, who all have professional training.

At Qulliit we do not hate men, as you implied. I do not know where you got that statement. We have a mandate to serve women, not men, but if men want to assist in helping how to stop their abuse, they are more than welcome to.

If you looked into our reports, you would see this is the opposite of what Qulliit said. We know men are hurting emotionally and we said there needs to be more programs that are geared towards their anger.

Yes, make a stand. Stop this violence. Let’s join hands (no matter what race or gender) – Kappiaasungiluta!

The feminist movement is not old in Nunavut. It’s just starting, it hasn’t really even moved yet.

Atii nipiqatuinariit, taima kisiani nuqarjumminiangata.

Madeleine Qumuatuq
President of Qulliit

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